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[auspicious wedding day] is February 14, 2017 suitable for marriage

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February 14 is the Valentine's day of traditional festivals. If you register for marriage on this day, it will certainly make those couples feel particularly meaningful. However, not all Valentine's days are suitable for marriage. Is February 14, 2017 a good day for marriage? Let's have a look.

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"Q: is February 14, 2017 suitable for marriage? A: it is suitable for"


"Gregorian calendar: February 14, 2017, Tuesday, lunar calendar: 2017, 18th main branch of the first month (small): Ding you year, Yin Ren month, Renshen zodiac: it belongs to the constellation of rooster: Aquarius Star: Kang Su (Kang Jinlong), the birth God Zhan Fang: outside the furnace of the warehouse, southwest Pengzu Baiji: it's more difficult to be careful if you don't draw water, Shen doesn't settle in bed, sneaks into the house, Chong Sha: Chong Hu (Bingyin) Sha South 24 solar terms: beginning of spring (February 3), rain (February 18) Julian day: 2457804.5 [appropriate]: sacrifice, meeting relatives and friends, making alliances, cutting clothes, closing accounts, installing machinery, dismantling, beam, gate, mortuary, removing clothes, ready-made clothes, moving coffins, drilling, burial, monument erection, lighting, plastic painting, enrollment, travel, foundation lifting, fixing, drainage, moving, entering houses, vertical columns, vouchers, meridians [avoid]: logging, As the auspicious God of Liang, we should tend to: Heaven's grace, Yin virtue, three combinations, Yin at the same time, and continue to live. Baoguang, evil god, we should avoid: death, blood, touch the Water Dragon Festival: Gregorian Festival: Valentine's day. Valentine's Day is also called St. Valentine's day or St. Valentine's day, that is, February 14 every year. It is one of the traditional festivals in the West. This is a festival about love, romance, flowers, chocolate and greeting cards. Men and women give gifts to each other on this day to express love or friendship. Dinner dates on Valentine's Day usually represent the key to the development of relationships. It has become a favorite festival for young people in Europe and America, and has become popular in other countries. In China, Tanabata, one of the traditional festivals, is also a day that girls attach importance to, so it is called Chinese Valentine's day. Because it can express the common human feelings, all countries have explored their own "Valentine's Day".

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