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[wedding day] how about getting married on November 11, 2017

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has different taboos every day of the year. Therefore, not every day is suitable for marriage, and not every day is the auspicious day everyone wants. Would it be interesting to choose to get married on the double 11 of the shopping carnival? I will also feel very meaningful. Can I get married on this day?

良辰吉日 may be interested "how to choose a wedding day?

Q: how about getting married on November 11, 2017? A: suitable for marriage

Gregorian calendar: Saturday, November 11, 2017, lunar calendar: September 24, 2017, Ganzhi: year of Ding you, month of 1911, renyin day, zodiac: belongs to chicken Constellation: Scorpio Constellation: winged constellation (Winged fire snake), Zhanfang, the birth God of the stars: nanpengzu taboo in the furnace room of the warehouse: it's more difficult to be careful if the union doesn't draw water, Yin doesn't sacrifice gods and ghosts, and doesn't taste Chong Sha: Chong Monkey (bingshen) Sha North 24 solar terms: beginning of winter (November 7), light snow (November 22), Julian day: 2458074.5 [Yi]: marriage, sacrifice, pray for blessings, ask for offspring, travel, fire, demolition, start work, Trading, voucher making, plaque hanging, house entering, moving, bed setting, planting [taboo]: cooking, plastic painting, funeral, CI litigation, logging, burial, auspicious gods should tend to: Heaven's wish, heaven's grace, Yin virtue, keeping the day, auspicious period, Liuhe, universal protection, Baoguang, evil gods, taboo: Compound day, eight specialties, Water Dragon Festival: no Festival, Memorial Day


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