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[auspicious wedding day] is January 1, 2017 suitable for marriage

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has different taboos every day of the year. So not every day is suitable for marriage, and not every day is the auspicious day we want. On New Year's day, many people must think this is a good day. Indeed, this is the beginning of the new year, so is this day suitable for marriage?

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Q: is January 1, 2017 suitable for marriage? A: it is suitable for

Gregorian calendar, January 1, 2017, Sunday, October and February of the lunar calendar, 2016 (big) Chinese zodiac sign: monkey Constellation: Capricorn star, Bixiu (bishuiyu): the birth God of the star, Zhanfang: due north outside the house bed, Peng zubaiji: e is not affected by the misfortune of the field owner, and the son does not ask for divination. Chong Sha: Chong MA (Renwu) Sha South 24 solar terms: Xiaohan (January 5), great cold (January 20) Julian day: 2457760 [appropriate] sacrifice, asking for heirs, bathing, paying God, engagement, engagement, dressing, closing accounts, crown hairpin, installing machinery, setting up beds, building warehouses, opening pools, meridians, receiving money, starting work, establishing vouchers, trading, netting, fishing, receiving livestock, catching [taboo] Burial, cooking stove, logging, Liang Jishen: Mu Cang, Liuhe, five rich, no general, sacred heart, ferocious God, avoid: hekui, evil spirits, heavy day, outline Festival: Gregorian calendar Festival: New Year's day, which is commonly known as "new year" in most countries in the world, is the first day of the new year of the Gregorian calendar. Yuan is called "first"; Dan is called "day"; and "New Year's Day" It means "the first day". The word "New Year's Day" first appeared in the book of Jin, but its meaning has been used for more than 4000 years. In ancient China, the first month of the twelfth lunar month and October was used as new year's day, the first day of the lunar calendar since Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, the first day of the Gregorian calendar since the Republic of China, and the first day of the Gregorian calendar in 1949. Therefore, new year's Day is also known as the "Gregorian year" in China.

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