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Moving auspicious day commentary: what does it mean to rush cattle and Shaxi

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when I was a child, every time I moved, my mother had to check the old yellow calendar to select a good day before I started. It is said that the house moved on a good day would be very smooth. So today's "auspicious day of moving" takes you to understand the meaning of chongniu Shaxi, with solutions. Oh ~

良辰吉日 also want to know "explanation of the auspicious day of moving: what does Chongshu Shabei mean?"


"chongniu is bad for cattle and should be avoided; Shaxi is that the position of God Shai is in the West. Don't walk or do business in the West; Chong Niu Sha Xi means that cattle are not suitable to work in the west at a certain time. Simple ways to crack


: 1. Avoidance of cattle. 2. Don't face west when moving. But the doors are fixed, so if your door faces west, you can move at another time. The explanation of


the so-called "Sha" is what people often call the three Sha; That is, 1. Robbery and killing; 2. Disaster evil; 3. Old ghost. If you commit three evils, you should explain what kind of evils you commit. The meanings of


are: 1. Robbery and killing: money is robbed and the Lord loses money. It's called "robbery". 2. Disaster: it is a disaster caused by disease, injury and death. It is called "disaster evil" 3. Age evil: a disaster caused by the unhealthy elders or parents. If it is important, the Lord will be filial. It is called "suisha",


Shaxi: in the Chinese traditional old calendar (yellow calendar), "West" is the direction. Shaxi refers to the way not to walk or do business in the West and avoid acting in this direction. Shadong, Shaxi, Shanan and Shabei refer to a certain zodiac sign that is not suitable to go in a certain direction at a certain time. Daily Chongsha: such as "chongmonkey, "Suisha North", "Chong chicken", suisha West "and so on "That is, the earth branches collide with each other, that is, the noon collides with each other, the Chou Wei collides with each other, the Yin Shen collides with each other, the Mao you collides with each other, the Chen Xu collides with each other, and the Si Hai collides with each other. Then, the twelve lands are dominated by the twelve genera, namely, the Zi rat, the Chou Niu, the Yin Hu, the Mao rabbit, the Chen long, the Si snake, the Wu horse, the Wei sheep, the Shen monkey, the you chicken, the Xu dog, and the Hai pig. Therefore, every Zi RI collides with the noon, that is, the" Chong horse "; Yin RI collides with the Shen, that is" "Chong monkey". The Yellow calendar set up this section to tell people not to choose the days that collide with their own Zodiac.

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