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Explanation on the auspicious day of moving: what does it mean to rush the tiger and kill the south

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moving is actually a big event for us. Everything is going well when we move. If we choose the wrong day to move, it may bring some unexpected negative effects. Next, go to the auspicious day of moving to understand the meaning of chonghu Shanan.

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rush, that is, Xiangke; The tiger is the zodiac; The evil spirit is the evil spirit; South, i.e. orientation.

Shanan: a saying in the Chinese traditional old calendar (yellow calendar). Don't walk or work in the south of your home. Avoid doing things in this direction, because there are evil spirits in the south. Sha Dong, Sha Xi, Sha Nan and Sha Bei refer to a certain sign that is not suitable to go in a certain direction at a certain time.


attack the tiger: on this day, we should conflict and overcome the people belonging to the tiger, so we should avoid it as much as possible.


people born in the year of the tiger have the spirit naturally generated by the tiger, act decisively, and are straightforward and generous. Tiger people are tired of being bound, so is their work. They have a keen curiosity about new things and often change jobs. Because of this, tiger people are innovating all their life. They are likely to be pioneers of a certain profession.


mean that other zodiac animals and tigers are not easy to coexist, have inconsistent ideas, and will harm each other. The monkey flushes the tiger, the monkey five elements belong to gold, the tiger is wood, and gold overcomes wood. When there is a tiger in the mountain, the tiger is the overlord. When there is no tiger, the monkey can be called the overlord. The monkey wants to conquer the tiger very much.

conclusion: moving is a good thing, but there are many places that we need to understand thoroughly, so we should know more about moving.

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