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Explanation on the auspicious day of moving: what does Chongyang Shadong mean

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nowadays, our younger generation often seldom understand the auspicious days in the old yellow calendar. We are always vague about many concepts, such as evil, what should be done and what should not be done. We don't know much about the old yellow calendar handed down by the older generation, so let's go to the auspicious day of moving to understand the meaning of Chongyang Shadong.

良辰吉日 you may like the difference between moving and entering a house

Chong Yang: it means that it is unfavorable to the zodiac.

Sha Dong: it means that you should not walk or do business in the East, and avoid acting in this direction.


are connected together, that is, "Sha Dong" is the orientation, that is, today's Sha Shen orientation is in the East, which is unfavorable to sheep, Everything is not right.

Oriental evil spirit is heavy and unfavorable. The five elements connect heaven and earth, and Yin and Yang determine heaven and earth. Adopt the method of five elements clearance and Yin and Yang exchanging Tai to resolve. The specific operation is divided into two steps: 1. One life, two movements and three Feng Shui. You can paste five elements of eight trigrams in key rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms to protect the town house and resolve Qi. The five elements and eight trigrams promote the circulation of the five elements and regulate the harmony of yin and Yang. The five elements circulate and flourish; Yin and yang are harmonious and people's houses are peaceful. 2. People oriented, self-regulation and protection. Please carry the Yin-Yang and five element talisman with you to urge your five element Qi field to overcome the circulation and balance the yin-yang energy harmoniously, so as to pursue good luck and avoid bad luck, eliminate disasters and avoid disasters.


belong to sheep avoidance. Don't ask relatives and friends belonging to sheep to help move. If the door of your new house faces the East, please don't choose this day to move.


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