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Explanation on the auspicious day of moving: what does it mean to rush to the north

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evil day is a bad day that is not suitable for people of the corresponding Zodiac to travel and do business. When we are doing some big things, such as moving and getting married, we need to choose a good day in order to make things go smoothly. Let's go to the auspicious day of moving to see the meaning of Chong monkey evil north.

良辰吉日 you may like the difference between moving and entering a house.

12 ground branches have six impulses and six harmonies, of which Yin Shen collides with each other, that is, the tiger is attacking the monkey, and the Sha north can be explained as the three Sha are in the north.


belong to monkeys that do not benefit from going to the North (on the same day). There are age restrictions. For example, shabeichong monkey 12 shows that 12-year-old monkeys do not benefit from going to the north.


rush Sha every day: for example, "rush monkey, Sui Sha North", "rush chicken, Sui Sha West" and other "rush" means that the earth branches collide, that is, noon collide, Chou Wei collide, Yin Shen collide, Mao you collide, Chen Xu collide, Si Hai collide, and then dominate the twelve places with the twelve zodiac signs, Zi mouse, Chou Niu, Yin Hu, Mao rabbit, Chen dragon, Si snake, Wu Ma, Wei Yang, Shen monkey, you chicken, Xu dog Hai pig. Therefore, every son's day, which collides with the afternoon, is called "rushing the horse"; Yin RI, who collides with Shen, is called "Chong monkey". The establishment of this section in the Yellow calendar tells people not to choose the days that contradict their zodiac.


are evil spirits. They often live in the four seasons and become "the Yin of the four seasons". They are extremely vicious. They can march in the sky. They can't dig, camp or migrate in their places. If you accidentally break into this house, the six animals of the family will be hurt. However, the direction of the Nian Sha patrol is very easy to find. Ziri starts due south and retrogrades eastward, one on a day and one week on four days, in a cycle.


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