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Moving auspicious day commentary: what does it mean to rush the chicken to Shaxi

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in the old yellow calendar, there are many taboos and appropriate places, such as what is suitable to do on which day and what can't be done on which days, otherwise there will be negative effects. At this time, we should follow the guidance of the old yellow calendar and avoid those bad days. Let's go to the auspicious day of moving to see the days of Shaxi Chong chicken.

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the West Chong chicken is the three evil spirits of Haimao and Weiri. In the west, Chong chicken is the birthday of Chong chicken. 1. If the zodiac is a chicken, do not choose this day to move. You should avoid this day. 2. Don't go to the West or act to the West on this chicken day.


rush chicken: it means that the chicken's work is not smooth on this day. We should ask less chicken's help to avoid his injury. Shaxi: it means that if a person's destination is the West on this day, there will be a great accident when walking West on this day. In other words, you can't go due west on this day. But as long as you turn east, South, North and then west when you go out, you'll be fine. Sha Dong, Sha Xi, Sha Nan and Sha Bei refer to a certain sign that is not suitable to go in a certain direction at a certain time.


○ Chong: in the law of the Yellow calendar, the concept of the five elements generating and conquering each other is like the coordination of nature. There is a certain law. When there is a rush and evil between the two, based on the mentality of seeking good luck and avoiding bad luck, people often listen to the suggestions of the ancient law and protect themselves. ○ evil spirits: in the daily direction of Chong Sha's age, it is not suitable to break the ground, build, migrate, trade, bury, bury, open and save, etc. Chong Sha's zodiac age should be avoided as much as possible, and pay attention to the direction of Chong Sha, so as to avoid acting in this direction, so as to avoid causing unwarranted disasters.


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