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[wedding day] how about getting married on the last day of 2017

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is the same for everyone. Of course, you should be very careful to choose a once-in-a-lifetime wedding. Some people may think that you have had good luck in the past year. Then you should end with a lively marriage. Others will think that you should welcome the beginning of the new year with festive events. So, will this day be the auspicious day you are looking for?

良辰吉日 may be interested "how to choose a wedding day?

Q: is it good to get married on the last day of 2017? A: suitable for marriage

Gregorian calendar: December 31, 2017, Sunday, lunar calendar: November 14, 2017, Ganzhi: year of Ding you, Renzi month, Renchen day, Zodiac: Chicken Constellation: Capricorn Constellation: Jingsu (jingmuyu), Zhan Fang, the birth God of the stars and stars: in the north of the warehouse, Peng zubaiji: it's more difficult to watch out if the union doesn't draw water. If the Chen doesn't cry, the main mourning will be heavy. Chong Sha: Chong Gou (BINGSHU) Sha Nan 24 solar terms: heavy snow (December 7), winter solstice (December 22), Julian day: 2458124.5 [Yi]: marriage, bed setting, lighting up, travel, sacrifice, earth breaking, fire breaking, Meeting relatives and friends, starting work, trading, setting up vouchers, hanging plaques, entering the house, moving, dismantling, breaking the ground, drilling, burial [taboo]: digging wells, lawsuits, auspicious gods should tend to: official day, auspicious period, Yuyu, Wuhe, barking dogs should avoid evil gods: big time, big defeat, Xianchi, rosefinch Festival: no Festival, Memorial Day


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