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Moving auspicious day commentary: what does Chong Zhusha East mean

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moving is a very laborious thing. Not only should the weather be suitable, but also choose a good day, which will be beneficial to the journey after moving. In order to better select a good day to move, let's go to the auspicious day of moving and see what Chong pig Sha Dong means ~

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"Chong Sha's direction is to the East. Take your current house or the house you want to move. Chong pig is a pig of the twelve zodiac signs, which is also opposite, Sha means to have evil Qi, and collision also means to rush Sha. You can't move as long as the seat of the house faces or faces east.


: in the law of the Yellow calendar, the five elements of the Chinese zodiac are mutually exclusive and have certain laws. The conflict between the two represents disagreement, easy conflict and mutual restriction. It is advisable to pursue good luck and avoid bad luck.

○ Sha: in the daily Chong Sha position, everything is not suitable. The zodiac age of Chong Sha should try to avoid acting in this direction in order to avoid causing unwarranted disasters.


the ancients believed that suisha often lived in the four seasons and became "the Yin of the four seasons". It was extremely vicious and could march in the sky. It was not allowed to chisel, camp and migrate in the land. If you offend carelessly, the six animals in the family will be hurt. For example, Sha Dong means that things related to the "East" will lead to disaster or failure, and it is not suitable to move to the east or to move into the East. The "rush" in


Feng Shui means "relative". The "evil" is an invisible force that hurts people. If you accidentally rush into it, you may be harmed by personal injury and money loss. The Yellow calendar points out the age and orientation of Chongsha every day. The zodiac age of Chongsha should be avoided as much as possible, and pay attention to the orientation of Chongsha to avoid acting in this direction, so as not to provoke unwarranted disasters.


you can choose to avoid the red sun of your household head's zodiac and the brake facing your door. Auspicious time: optional after avoiding the rush time of 13-15 o'clock. Try to move before noon, because it is called Yang before noon and Yin after noon. Try to move


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