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What about moving to the zodiac? How to resolve Chongsha day

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moving auspicious day must be selected, and it must be good for everyone. After all, entering a new house is actually a very important event. But what if you have chosen a date and find that the date of moving is opposite to your family or your own family? Come and find the answer on the auspicious day of moving!

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Q: what about moving to Chong zodiac? A: first, if the family of the opposite sign is not one of the members of the house, but one of the congratulators, it doesn't matter as long as they avoid the "house entering ceremony" temporarily and enter the house after the "house entering ceremony". II. If you can, it's better to change the date as much as possible, especially the principal offender of a family. After all, it's important to start a new house from a good day.

Q: how to resolve the Chongsha day? Adopt the method of five elements clearance and the combination of yin and Yang: 1. Please use the five elements and eight trigrams to promote prosperity in the town and house. The five elements and eight trigrams are respectively used in bedrooms, living rooms and other main rooms to stimulate the circulation of the five elements, generate vigorous Qi, regulate the harmony of yin and Yang and maintain peace; 2. Please carry the Yin-Yang and five elements amulet with you or put it at the head of the bed in the bedroom to protect the yuan God, peace and auspiciousness. Key points of


: these dates are listed after careful screening. China has a vast region and many nationalities. The customs and beliefs of each region are different. Therefore, there are different methods and contents of choosing auspicious things in different places. 1. When moving, avoid the dates that conflict, punish and harm your relatives. 2. It is best to avoid auspicious days in March, July and September of the lunar calendar. These three months coincide with "Qingming", "Yulan" and "Chonggong" respectively, which are traditional "Ghost Festival", and are not suitable for wedding, moving and other festive events. 3. Generally, it is advisable to avoid moving on the first and fifteenth days of the first day of the lunar new year. 4. If you are building, decorating or moving, you should also avoid the door of the house (single door). There are several doors in a unit. The date when the orientation is consistent with the "brake direction". 5. In these days, you can choose the auspicious day that is most suitable for you to move. 6. I only choose an auspicious day for you. The moving ceremony has the customs of each region. It can be held according to local customs.

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