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When will you burn incense when you move? Don't forget to burn incense before moving in

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moving is a big event for every family. Sometimes we have to hold a banquet to celebrate moving to a new house, which shows how important moving is. But similarly, moving is also a lot of stress. Let's go to the auspicious day of moving to see when to burn incense.

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"don't forget to burn incense and walk incense before moving in: before moving in, take 21 incense sticks and light them, enter from the left of the house, let the smoke sweep up and down the hall, toilet, bath, kitchen stove, ceiling, wall and to the foot of the wall, go out from the right of the house to a safe place outside, put them out and discard them. In order to get rid of evil spirits, especially for those houses built on the foundation of Feng Shui.


pay attention to Feng Shui when moving. If you are not careful, be careful of bad luck. There is a saying in Neo Confucianism that "auspicious places should be urged at a good time". Therefore, it is necessary to choose a day. Usually, when moving, it is appropriate to choose "water" day. It is best not to use "fire" day. When Yang day is Yin, Yin day cooperates with Yang Chen. Choose a good auspicious day, but also depends on whether the auspicious day conflicts with the family Zodiac. If so, it should be adjusted; In addition, on the basis of choosing a day, we should find out the specific appropriate time of the day and determine the appropriate moving time. Usually, the move should be completed before 3 p.m., otherwise the night move may affect your luck.


should choose a specific route suitable for moving: from the perspective of Wei Li theory, moving should conform to the Xuankong divination theory of the origin, so as to reduce many unnecessary disasters, such as the four Yang divination from garrison to gankan Gen under B in the 24th mountain, the four Yin divination from Chen to Xin naixun, moving from Yang divination to Yin divination or moving from Yin divination to Yang divination is auspicious, if from Yin to Yin It's bad luck if Yang enters Yang. Dr. Zheng's popular saying is that friends should choose the route of moving and pay attention to avoiding certain directions and places, such as hospitals, churches, big iron towers, etc. I really can't avoid these places, then. Burn incense and sprinkle red paper when passing by. Some friends disagree. As a result, there are often strange things after moving.

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