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When do you set off firecrackers when you move? Scare away the evil in front of the house

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moves, we usually set off firecrackers. On the one hand, it is more festive, which indicates that our life is booming after moving. On the other hand, it can also scare away evil spirits and turn good luck into evil. So, when is the best time to set off firecrackers? And come with Xiaobian to the auspicious day of moving.

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usually means shooting before moving in when you move things to your new home. This is auspicious. The old saying is to kill God. Auspicious words are to wish our future life prosperous and noisy. When firecrackers open the door at auspicious time and offer incense to ancestors, the incense is not over. When the incense burns about 2 / 3, it is fired outside the house.

when moving, first move the pot to the new home, burn some paper money in the old home, and set off firecrackers when placing the pot in the new home. Why set the pot first and set off firecrackers when setting the pot? Because the pot represents the survival of people, if you put the pot in first, it means that people will live in this place from now on. Shooting at this time can be understood as celebration on the surface, but setting off firecrackers at this time can shake away bad things, so that people and gods can feel at ease in their new home. 1. Control the time of release. People who set off firecrackers in the middle of the night must have seen the hour, but others are resting. If you light a fire, people will be frightened. You can't red your home and disaster others. In addition, when moving, you may find yourself more free time on Sunday, but the old residents sleep in a lot this morning and hope to make up for their sleep after working for a week. If you can shoot again at noon or afternoon, at least you won't disturb your neighbors. I don't think it's advisable to ignore other people's practices. 2. If you can, you'd better clean up the waste of firecrackers. Don't think it's the job of a cleaner. 3. Don't buy too many firecrackers. The picture is auspicious. There's really no need to make a world shaking. Finally, I want to say that we must pay attention to safety, don't hurt people, don't burn other people's windows.

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