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When will the move be on? The treat is festive!

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moving is a festive event, and often needs friends to help move things together, so it is necessary to move and treat, so we can have fun. So when is the best time to move? Come and have a look at the auspicious day of moving together.

良辰吉日 what do you mean by "chongjishaxi" in "you may like"?

is a moving treat, which is also called hot pot stove (or warm pot), gathering popularity and auspiciousness. Generally, it is the day of housewarming or another day after the event. According to different regions, the custom of inviting guests to dinner is also different. In the southwest, generally speaking, when moving, we will treat guests to dinner on the same day and have fun together. Or, after moving to a new home, you can often invite good friends to make tea. Make the family more popular.

what's for the move? Generally speaking, when moving for dinner, you can choose to cook at home or eat in a restaurant outside. No matter where you eat, you'd better cook something sweet, such as sweet dumplings or sweet tea. Eat something sweet and ask for happiness.

why treat when moving? From the perspective of Feng Shui, there is no need to treat people to dinner when moving, but we all know that there is a saying of housewarming. Since it is a festive thing, we must let everyone get together to increase the festive atmosphere and make everyone lively.

who should be invited to move? The people you invite are mainly determined by yourself. There are no fixed requirements. You can certainly invite your good friends, colleagues and family relatives. The more the better, the more popular. Generally speaking, moving is a festive day. We invite guests to dinner and let everyone get together to have a lively and happy life. After all, life needs such fun.

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