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2016 latest wedding anniversary personal signature

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two people have been in love for many years, and marriage is the best ending. Although many people say that marriage is the tomb of love, Xiaobian believes that marriage is a new beginning for two people. When you open this door, you enter a new world. The wedding anniversary is coming. Change your personal signature and show your love!

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"1. Like an ordinary old friend or you will still love me 2. H. Why is this once, only once in without you. Why is this once, but once there was no you. 4. You are my angel and protect my angel. Since then, I have no sadness. 5. Life does not lie in living long and short, but in the early and late epiphany. 6. Several infatuated women around me were dying of pain while talking and forgetting. 7. When I finally have the courage to tell you my grievances, I find that I shouldn't disturb you. We are no longer in the same world. 8. I hope there is a privilege only belonging to me in your world. 9. If you say I'm selfish, I'll be completely selfish. 10. I still keep the words we have said and am not willing to delete them. Do you remember? I can't resist anything, because I can't give you the reason to trust me. It's my fault. 11. If you can't be good to me all your life, please don't be good to me, even for a second; 12. You only know compassion when you hurt others. 13. The more you think about it. A reluctant smile is difficult to hold on. It's hard to smile with a hard expression... 14. If I can go back to the past, I'd rather take out the only fifty cents left in my pocket... 15. In the evening, I'm also very happy. It's good to have you.

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