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What's written on the wedding anniversary cake: for your favorite

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wedding anniversary is a day to witness our beautiful love. For my dear you, I have specially customized a wedding anniversary cake to offer my heart. Sometimes the sincerity is not expressed, and the lover may not feel it. Write a small card and let him see your heart!

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"seeing you for the first time, my mood is like boiling water flushing red wine. There is a kind of mild excitement. Life without you is like Earth bean strips without ketchup. I hope you can understand my heart. 2. Not every flower can represent love, but rose can do it; Not every kind of tree can stand drying up, but poplar has done it; Not every pig can receive text messages, but you did it; Not everyone likes pigs, but I did it. 3. As long as there is a glimmer of hope, I will never give up hope! I am one who does not easily admit defeat! People who don't give up hope easily! So I've been working hard! I have had a dream since I fell in love with you! You are my biggest dream! 4. Deeply miss the broken liver and intestines, deeply love forever, deeply difficult to sleep at night, deeply accompanied by you in dreams, deeply drunk in wine, deeply recall, deeply worry, deeply Acacia, never regret, and deep friendship. 5. Warm greetings and good wishes. SMS comes out on the day of love. Seize the opportunity and make a bold confession. Don't miss it. Love is hard to find. I wish friends' love in pairs is sweeter. Single people find happiness at this moment! 6. If you feel cold, I am spring; If your heart is bitter, I am sweet; If you are sad, I am happy. Maybe I am not everything to you, every day, but by no means the burden of your life. You are a woman, I am a man... 7. I just tossed a coin at home. If the front is up, you are thinking of me. If the back is up, you are thinking of me anyway. Unexpectedly, the coin stood up, which shows that you are thinking of me again and again in firmness all the time! 8. You must love me, you must cherish me, take care of me, love me, can't scold me, beat me and abandon me. As long as you say you love me loudly, you will always have me. Please remember my name, my name is. RMB! 9. I don't know how long my life is. No one knows how much fate there is. It doesn't matter how far this road is. As long as two people rely on their hearts, they don't feel that the road is far. With you, I'm willing to go to the ends of the earth. 10. The most precious thing in the world is not that you can't get it or have lost it, but the happiness you can grasp now. The road ahead is still far away. Possession may be the end. Then, hold a light, understand, do and cherish, depend on and warm each other.

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