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The most abusive single dog! Wedding anniversary circle of friends

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company is the longest love advertisement. When the wedding anniversary comes, how should I express my gratitude for my lover's company? Wind up your circle of friends and show your love! Let's take a look at how others write it. Let's refer to it!

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1. Most of the first love don't know love, so the first love fails more. Less success. When you get married, you should find an unmarried one, because everyone likes the original. In love, it's better to find someone who has been in love. Because people who have experienced love know what love is and how to love. 2. May you obey the Bible all your life, honor your elders and love your neighbors; So that you may be blessed a hundred times in the world and will be greatly rewarded in the future! III. today, flowers are fragrant for you, birds are singing for you, happiness spreads sweet wings, happiness sings loudly in the sun, and lovers in love enter the palace of marriage. May you run for happiness and happiness together for thousands of years. IV. on military day, if you are poor, you will be given military pay. If you are hungry, you will be given military food. If you want to get married, you will find a military sister-in-law. If you want to be happy, you will send a winding text message. I wish you a happy military day! V. the shoulder pole is long and wide, and the shoulder pole carries a sky; I carry water to water your garden and plant the seeds of love in your heart; Pick happiness and contentment and plant love for the next life. VI. The more sincere the wedding anniversary blessing is, the better it is. Love is a happy thing, and it is a happy and rare thing to be able to stay with the people in love. When a couple still love each other after passing the years, let's offer them sincere blessings! Of course, the wedding anniversary is coming. Don't give your beloved TA a creative wedding anniversary gift! VII. Today is the day for you to get married. On behalf of my family, I congratulate you and wish you two happiness and eternal happiness! VIII. You are an egg, I am rolling noodles by hand, soaking you forever; You are a watermelon, I am the melon skin, which will always wrap you; You are an ant, I am the Kang mat, burning you forever; You are the forward, I am the defender of the enemy team, always close to you; You love me, I love you. Let's depend on each other and be together forever. IX. love a person and only love that one in your life. Yes, maybe a few years later, the person who will marry you and accompany you for the rest of your life is not your favorite. However, you will also think that I have a favorite person. I hope he is happy. Although his happiness is not given by me, his other half will make him happy for me. He has also come to my world! 10. It is true that I love you. Even if you walk through thousands of mountains and rivers, you will never change. Thousands of words in my heart only call for you. I'm willing to spend thousands of years with you. 11. The two dumplings got married. After seeing off the guests, the groom returned to the bedroom and found a meatball lying on the bed! The bridegroom was surprised and asked where the bride was? Meatball said shyly: I hate it. You don't know people when they take off their clothes! XII. What makes you sad now will be forgotten in the future. What makes you happy now may not accompany you in the future. In love, we talk about the present, while in marriage, we choose the future. Those who fall in love are not necessarily good men. Can't fall in love, but may be a good husband. Choosing a man depends on people's hearts and character. XIII. When the edge comes, it gathers, and when the edge ends, it scatters. It is precious to be a lifelong confidant and accompany you to the end of time. 14. May your descendants be godly! May you teach your descendants according to the teaching and warning of the LORD; Do the same for yourselves and do the will of the Lord! 15. Honey, they all say that marriage is the grave of love, but if we don't get married, our love will die without a burial place. Therefore, you'd better be wronged and perfect and marry me! 16. Dear, today is the wedding anniversary. Specially prepared love dinner: first drink a cup of happy aperitif, taste the cool and soft intestines, warm the true heart, stir fry the passion of love, and keep the love in brown sauce; There are sour and sweet words, and finally the intoxicated sweet soup! 17. In these days, we should do everything as soon as possible. If you're afraid of blocking the road, go out as soon as possible. I'm afraid I can't catch up with CPI. Financial management should be done as soon as possible. Of course, we should get married as soon as possible, otherwise we will delay the children to make soy sauce. Honey, marry me quickly. 18. Heaven and earth, I have you, and love is the only husband and wife; Yin and Yang, male and female, I will accompany you all my life; The wind is sentimental and the clouds are intentional. You are the only one in my heart. 19. In this warm spring day when flowers bloom and flowers bloom, you two will always be good friends. It is the so-called natural couple and earth pair! I wish you two love each other and grow old together! 20. As time went by, our two daughters went to college and married happily one after another. Only our husband and wife helped each other and lived in a beautiful home with 14 steps.

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