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Where to play on the wedding anniversary and revisit the world of two people

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-08 1 0

has been married for many years, and life is always daily necessities. The feeling of the original love period has been gradually forgotten. Take advantage of the wedding anniversary, find a city with excellent scenery and take TA to revisit the world of the two! Enjoy the lazy sunshine in summer afternoon and find the original throbbing.


, 结婚纪念日 also want to know what to give on the wedding anniversary Lijiang - the legend of pursuing one meter of sunshine Lijiang is a suitable place to spend time. Take advantage of a period of leisure, take your lover here to stay for a while, hug each other on the terrace of the small hotel and watch the snow capped mountains, Walking along Sifang street hand in hand to enjoy the lazy sunshine in summer afternoon, time is soft and fleeting inadvertently, and so is the life of the so-called fairy couple.


the ancient city of Phoenix - without colorful Phoenix and flying wings, the heart has a touch of soul. It is known as the eight scenic spots of Phoenix, including Dongling Yinghui, Nanhua Diecui, Qifeng Tingxiu, Xiqiao night moon, Longtan fishing fire, fange Huitao, mountain temple morning bell and Lan Jing woodcutter song. The clear Tuojiang River, the green Nanhua mountain, rows of stilted buildings, the ancient stone street, the majestic "No. 1 stone bridge in the world", the karst cave king "Qiliang cave", the Great Wall in southern China, the yellow silk Bridge Stone City, Xiong Xiling's former residence, Shen Congwen's former residence, Hongqiao wind and rain building and thick folk customs constitute a landscape painting of the unity of heaven and man, A unique tourism landscape where nature and humanity blend with each other.

Wuzhizhou Island - my world only has your romantic Hainan heat island, which is suitable for exciting couples; It is a hot choice for the golden week. There may be too many tourists killing the scenery.

if one day you want to disappear from the crowd with your lover and enjoy the sweet world of two, Wuzhizhou island in Hainan is the most suitable. Live in a hut made of bamboo and banana leaves, watch the sea, enjoy the moon and listen to the waves. Want to take a risk? There are mysterious caves waiting for you on the island. This island seems to be specially prepared for lovers.

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