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How does the annual wedding anniversary make sense

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wedding anniversary is of great significance to any loving couple. How to spend the annual wedding anniversary is related to the happiness and sweetness of marriage life. How can you show your heart on your wedding anniversary? Let's have a look!


, 结婚纪念日 also want to know how to spend romantic wedding anniversary?


wedding anniversary exist to make couples remember their happiness and love vows at the time of marriage. Therefore, after the wedding anniversary, we can consider ways to evoke good memories: another romantic date at the place of the first date or proposal; Snuggle up and watch the video taken at the time of marriage again; Another sweet honeymoon trip...

of course, in addition to these, don't forget to send her 99 roses, which not only represents eternal love, but also brings her mood back to the scene of the wedding ceremony.

flowers / eternal love 99 red roses + all kinds of Platycodon grandiflorum + wintersweet + flowers on leaves on the wedding anniversary, the most unforgettable thing is the eternal oath made by each other. Flower language: "everything in the world may die, and eternal love will last forever." Pakistan's folk song "eternal love" sings the true meaning of love and the common voice of the people of the world.

flowers / love you with 33 Pink Roses + 66 red roses + stars in the sky. No matter how long you get married, as long as you remember to love each other, happiness will become stronger and stronger. Flower language: a total of 99 roses, which means that I want to stay with you until the end of time... The heart-shaped composed of 33 pink roses is in the middle, and you are the love of my third life; Surrounded by 66 red roses and dotted with stars, my love will never change!

flowers / purple dream 99 purple roses + white feathers the most romantic thing and the most beautiful dream is not to abandon. Flower language: Purple stands for romance. It is unique with romantic gauze. It is a favorite given to ta... How can the wedding anniversary of


be meaningful? What's the best gift for your wedding anniversary? After the wedding anniversary, the important thing is to recall the best moment and the happiest feeling. You can choose to date in the old place or do another thing that moves the other party most. As for the gift, it's best to use the same rose when proposing.

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