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Will you get married on May 7, 2016

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marriage is a matter for both husband and wife, but it is not just a matter for both husband and wife. As a great event in life, relatives and friends will gather together to witness the couple on the red carpet. Such a beautiful thing should be carried out on a good day. So let's take a look at the auspicious wedding day in 2016. Will you get married on May 7, 2016?

2016年5月7日结婚好吗 you may like "June 13, 2017 yellow calendar query"


"May 7, 2016, the first day of April in the year of the monkey, Guisi month, self ugliness day, Chongyang (Guiwei) Sha Dongyi: everything should not be avoided: everything should not be"


". It can be seen from the above that in the query results of the old yellow calendar, this day is not suitable for marriage, If you want to have a happy family, it is more appropriate to choose another auspicious day. Xiaobian here lists for you the auspicious day for marriage in May 2016:

Gregorian calendar May 6, 2016 lunar calendar March 30, 2016 Friday chongma (Renwu) Shanan Gregorian calendar May 12, 2016 lunar calendar April 6, 2016 Thursday Chongshu (E) Chabei Gregorian calendar May 14, 2016 lunar calendar April 8, 2016 Saturday chonghu (Gengyin) Chanan Gregorian calendar May 16, 2016 lunar calendar April 10, 2016 Monday Chonglong (Renchen) Chabei Gregorian calendar May 18, 2016 lunar calendar April 12, 2016 Wednesday chongma (Jiawu) Shanan Gregorian calendar May 21, 2016 lunar calendar April 15, 2016 Saturday Chong chicken (Ding you) Shaxi Gregorian calendar May 22, 2016 lunar calendar April 16, 2016 Sunday Chong dog (Wushu) Shanan Gregorian calendar May 24, 2016 lunar calendar April 18, 2016 Tuesday Chong rat (gengzi) Sabei Gregorian calendar May 25, 2016 lunar calendar April 19, 2016 Wednesday Chong Niu (Xin Chou) Shaxi Gregorian calendar May 28, 2016 lunar calendar April 22, 2016 Saturday Chong Long (Jiachen) Sabei

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