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Northern countries -- Russian romantic wedding anniversary

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marriage is a very important event in life. In order to remember the original intention of deciding to stay together, and also hope to deepen the feelings between husband and wife and make the family more harmonious, people in many countries and regions will carry out various commemorative activities on the wedding anniversary. Let's approach the cold northern country Russia today, To learn how Russians spend their wedding anniversary.

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"the Russian people regard marriage as one of the most important experiences in life and attach great importance to it. There are many rules that people must abide by. First of all, intermarriage among close relatives, including aunts and cousins, is strictly prohibited; Intermarriage with other ethnic groups is possible, but intermarriage with Muslim ethnic groups is rare due to religious barriers; Marriage is mostly based on free love, but it usually requires the consent of parents.


according to tradition, before marriage is concluded, the matchmaker is a necessary procedure. After young men and women fall in love for a period of time, the man's family can invite a matchmaker to propose to the woman's house. The way is to ask the matchmaker to send a bread sprinkled with salt. If the girl doesn't accept the bread, she refuses; If the girl takes the bread and cuts it up for everyone to taste, she agrees.

once the girl agrees to the marriage, the parents of both sides should jointly hold a simple engagement ceremony, agree on the marriage date and prepare for the marriage. The Russian people do not pay attention to bride price. The man's family only prepares wedding necessities. Both men and women pay for the treat. But the dowry of the female family is more exquisite and very rich. The wedding ceremony of


is grand and warm. The wedding starts at the woman's house. At that time, the guests who come to congratulate will first take a seat and have a meal. After the meal, they will dance happily to wait for the arrival of the man's wedding team. The man's welcome team is composed of a new carriage, sled, tractor and car decorated with red colored silk. The bridegroom, the best man, relatives and friends sat in the car, playing the accordion and singing all the way to the girl's house.


according to the traditional custom, the women's house does not open the door immediately, and they also send a group of children to stand in the way. Only after the groom gives out red envelopes (door opening ceremony) to the children can he enter the door. Then, the relatives and friends of both sides sang and danced to welcome the bride and groom into their seats. Everyone had a little tea, that is, they were ready to send the bride on the road. Before leaving, the bride should kneel on a leather jacket spread on the ground and receive the blessing of her parents.


bid farewell to a new couple in the woman's family and go to the church to hold a marriage ceremony. Dressed in a white wedding dress and wearing a laurel, the bride, with a bunch of flowers in her hand, stood in front of the holy image with the bridegroom holding a candle to accept the priest's inquiry: is marriage voluntary? Can you love faithfully forever? After the bride and groom make a positive answer, they exchange a token of love - a ring. After the priest prayed, the newlyweds knelt down to the statue, kissed, and the marriage ceremony ended.


then the welcoming team crowded the bride and groom to the man's house to hold a simple ceremony, that is, start entertaining relatives, friends and guests, and then hold a dance. After that, we have to make a new house according to the customs of the Han nationality. On the third day after marriage, the bride returned to her home and prepared a banquet for relatives and friends again. When the bride returns to her husband's house, the wedding ceremony is completed.


in order to make the marriage stable and long-lasting, so that all the people who conclude the marriage can respect and love each other and grow old together, Russians have started a series of wedding anniversaries to bless marriage since the date of marriage. The name of the anniversary is very unique, such as green marriage, flower cloth marriage, wooden marriage, bronze marriage, white iron marriage, rose marriage, silver marriage, golden marriage, diamond marriage, blessing marriage, crown marriage, etc.

according to the traditional saying, green marriage refers to the day of wedding. At that time, the newlyweds must plant a small tree in the courtyard, symbolizing the expectation that the tree of love will blossom and bear fruit. Flower cloth wedding is the anniversary of marriage. On this day, the husband and wife should give each other flower cloth and handkerchief to symbolize the colorful life in the future.

wooden marriage is the 5th anniversary of marriage. At that time, relatives and friends will present various wooden souvenirs to the couple, symbolizing that marriage is like a tree growing from a seedling, and wishing love as tough and firm as wood. Like this, every wedding anniversary has its specific profound connotation and moral meaning. Russians pay special attention to silver wedding, golden wedding, diamond wedding and crown wedding, and the commemoration ceremony is very grand.

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