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Thousands of words of love, what you say to your husband on your wedding anniversary

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wedding anniversary is undoubtedly a big day in every couple's marriage. On this day every year, regardless of the form, many couples have to celebrate, either have a candlelight dinner together or watch a movie together. If they are not free, a card with sincerity and a bunch of flowers can also express their love for each other. Then let's take a look at what we said to our husband on our wedding anniversary.

千言万语的爱,结婚纪念日对老公说的话 you may like "wedding anniversary gift list"


"1. We choose to end the romantic love and enter the tedious life. Our home is the fortress of love and a haven for wind and rain. Happy husband (wife) wedding anniversary!

2. You are the brightest note in my life. My life is wonderful because of you! May beautiful music fill every morning and evening after us.

3. Marry you and form a family. You must be the second happiest person in the world, and I am the first happiest person.

4. Have you along the way, accompany me with joy and sorrow. I will cherish this sincere love all my life.

5. Life waiting is not a simple and pale oath of alliance, but countless ordinary days to help each other in the same boat!

6. Every year on my wedding anniversary, I will thank you for giving me the right to this festival and bringing you happiness and moving. Every year after that, we have different happiness and moving.

7. With the increase of the number of wedding anniversaries, although the appearance of our youth has passed, what is firm is my love for you.

8. With your participation, I know that the life of daily necessities can be so beautiful.

9. Dear, today is the wedding anniversary. It's a specially prepared love meal: first drink a cup of happy aperitif, taste the cool and tender intestines, warm the true heart, stir fry the passion of love, and keep the love in brown sauce; There are sour and sweet words, and finally the intoxicated sweet soup!

10. Have you along the way, accompany me with joy and sorrow. I will cherish this sincere love all my life.

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