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Bearing 365 days of love, the first anniversary of marriage is a complete collection of white words

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wedding anniversary is an important day in every couple's marriage. Whether they are newly married or have been living together for many years, this day every year is a time to talk to each other again. So today let's take a look at the confession of the first anniversary of marriage.

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"1. If you are a fish, I would like to become water and let you swim into my heart. If you are water, I would like to become a bowl and put you into my heart. If you are a bowl, I would like to become instant noodles and soak with you every day.

2. Wife is a landscape, with thousands of different customs throughout the year; Wife is a cup of chrysanthemum tea, which can taste the refreshing fragrance at any time; His wife is a flower umbrella. Whether it's sunny or rainy, she has her colorful and romantic colors; His wife is a string of candied haws, sometimes slightly sour in his mouth.

3. Hold your son's hand all your life and never give up. Wind and rain rush together and enjoy both bitterness and happiness. Even if your temples are gray, you will watch the setting sun closely. Love you will never change. Because of you, my world will be so perfect. Loving you is my only reason! I love you! Kiss you! Sleep with your name every night! Life changes because of you, life changes because of you, and emotion changes because of you. What doesn't change is that I love you.

4. With appreciation and obsession, my love can't be stopped, and my heart is only silly; With hope and reverie, my love comes to you, and my love is unstoppable; Let me say I love you! My days are bright because of you, my heart is vast because of you, my feelings are enriched because of you, my life is happy because of you, and everything I feel warm because of your existence!

5. Singing love songs to you is my strength. Making you laugh is my specialty. It's my responsibility to be with you. It's my wish to keep you in my heart. Loving you is so non-negotiable! I don't want to see you, but because I'm afraid to destroy the mystery between us!! Cupid's arrow connects the heart; A thread of old moon, let hand lead. May the arrow remain the same, may the sea wither and the rocks crumble, and may we stay together all our lives.

6. Don't let us spend a Valentine's day without each other... Forget the past, I love you! In life, it is rare to have a close lover. We protect each other's love today, both now and in the distant future. Surrounded by flowers, it seems that every morning and evening you and I spend together, isn't that white rose your pure and refined face? Around you is my deep love. I will always be in the future!

7. I don't feel lonely when I miss you. You often lie high in my heart; When I read you, I don't feel wandering. You are free and easy in my mind; Love your day is not lonely, your smile is my greatest happiness. Warm greetings, I hope you can always think of me, and I hope you can know that I deeply bless you no matter where the ends of the earth. Life waiting is not a simple and pale oath of alliance, but countless ordinary days to help each other in the same boat!

8. You are the brightest note in my life. My life is wonderful because of you! May beautiful music fill every morning and evening after us. In this life, I am destined to meet you, love and know each other. As long as I am willing to suffer anything together, in this life, I am destined to meet you, love each other, depend on each other, have you, I feel full of courage, just want to love you forever! Marry me, you must be the second happiest person in the world, because the first happiest person is me!

9. Loving you is a warm sadness, a romantic feeling, a soft posture, and a love that you want to say and have to say! I think I really don't love you enough! At the moment you left, I began to miss you, because you let me set off a ripple of love! When everyone is indifferent to you with disdain, don't forget that I care about you!

10. Don't need too much, as long as you put aside everything and say I love you. I've been waiting too long. I feel so tired. But... I'll wait for you. Life has given me a problem. How can I celebrate giving me such a lovely you? Life also gives you a problem. How can you solve it if you give me such a loyal me? There are too many things for us to do. There are too many things to say to you. I want to build a warm nest for you to spend your life together. I have no regrets in this life...

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