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Moving auspicious day commentary: what does it mean to rush the dog to Shanan

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moving is a complicated thing most of the time, with a large population and heavy things. Therefore, many people should be well prepared before moving, and it is also among them to choose a lucky day for moving. So let's move to Jiri to find out what Chonggou Shanan means in the Yellow calendar.


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"rush the dog to the south is a term in the Yellow calendar, which refers to people belonging to dogs who rush on the same day, while" Sha Nan "is the direction, that is, today's Sha Shen is in the south, and generally there are bad things (evil Qi) in the south. It's not suitable to do anything. Try to avoid going to the south.


rush to the dog on the auspicious day of moving means that the branches of the day collide with those belonging to the dog. If it is a dog moving, you should avoid that day. But not all dogs, but selective. The main branches of dogs are divided into Jiaxu, bingxu, Wuxu, gengxu and renxu. Punch the dog at only one of them, and indicate which dry dog you are punching in the following brackets. It is generally written as: Chong Gou (Jiaxu) Sha Dong; You can see at a glance. "Chong" in the Yellow calendar of


means that the earth branches collide with each other, that is, noon collides with each other, Chou Wei collides with each other, Yin Shen collides with each other, Mao you collides with each other, Chen Xu collides with each other, and Si Hai collides with each other. The ancients dominated the twelve places with twelve zodiacal signs, namely, Zishu, Chou Niu, Yin Hu, Mao rabbit, Chen long, Si snake, Wu Ma, Wei Yang, Shen monkey, you chicken, Xu dog, and Hai pig. Therefore, every son's day, which collides with the afternoon, is called "rushing the horse"; Yin day, which collides with Shen, is "Chong monkey", and so on. Don't choose those days that collide with your own Zodiac when you choose an auspicious time.

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