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How about getting married on June 28, 2016

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if there is anything else in life that can be called the most important, it is getting married. The moment of marriage means that you are no longer a person, everything will be closely related, and you should share both good and bad. Therefore, many people choose what auspicious day to break their hearts for this sacred and special day. Today we will analyze the marriage on June 28, 2016.


and 良辰吉日 what else do you mean by "build"?


Gregorian calendar: Tuesday, June 28, 2016 lunar calendar: year C of the lunar calendar, May 24, main branch: year C of the lunar calendar, the month of Jiawu, Xinji sun, Star: Weisu (stomach pheasant) fetal God Zhanfang: outside the kitchen stove bed, Zhengxi Pengzu Baiji: the owner doesn't taste the spicy sauce, doesn't travel far, and the property is hidden. Chong Sha: Chong pig (Yihai) Sha Dong 24 solar terms: grain in ear on June 5, summer solstice on June 21, Julian day: 2457573.5 [Yi]: sacrifice, hairpin, cooking, trading, receiving wealth, planting, netting, livestock, grazing, population [Ji]: opening canals, shipbuilding, laying beds, burying, breaking ground, traveling, repairing graves, digging wells, starting work, opening graves, auspicious God Yi trend: Tianma, General protection of evil spirits should avoid: five empty, white tiger Festival: No


Q: will you get married on June 28, 2016? A: you can get married


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