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Will you get married on June 30, 2016

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if there is anything else in life that can be called the most important, it is getting married. The moment of marriage means that you are no longer a person, everything will be closely related, and you should share both good and bad. Therefore, many people choose what auspicious day to break their hearts for this sacred and special day. Today we will analyze the marriage on June 30, 2016, OK.


and 良辰吉日 also want to know about the auspicious day of the zodiac in 2016

Gregorian calendar: Thursday, June 30, 2016, lunar calendar: year bingshen, May 26, main branch: year bingshen, Jiawu month, Guiwei day, Star: Bi YUEWU Zhan Fang of fetal God: outside the room, bed and toilet, Peng Zubai's Taboos in the Northwest: Kui doesn't talk about litigation, the reason is weak, the enemy is strong, and he doesn't take medicine. Poison gas enters the intestines, Chong Sha: Chong Niu (Ding Chou) Sha West 24 solar terms: ear seed, June 5, summer solstice, June 21, Julian day: 2457575.5 [Yi]: meridians, sacrifice, bathing, mending walls, plugging acupoints, removing clothes, moving coffins, mortuary, drilling, Stele erection [taboo]: light up, cure diseases, get married, dig wells, break the ground, bury auspicious gods. Appropriate trends: Tiande, yuede, tianamnesty, official day, Liuhe, no general, barking dogs, ferocious. Taboo: Tianli, blood branch, death, prison Festival: No


Q: will you get married on June 30, 2016? A: you can't get married


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