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December 2017 is an auspicious day for moving

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moving is also called the joy of moving. It is indeed a happy event in people's life and often represents a new chapter in life. In China, traditionally, moving and other major events in personal or family life should be handled on a auspicious day. Just for a good omen, let the auspicious day of moving organize the auspicious day of December 2017 for you.

2017年十二月适合搬家的黄道吉日 you may like "what's the point of moving and setting up a bed?

there are 10 auspicious days for moving in December 2017: December 5, 2017, Tuesday, October 18, lunar calendar, Chonghou (Gengshen) Shabei, December 6, 2017, Wednesday, October 19, lunar calendar, Chongji (Xinyou) Shaxi, December 11, 2017, Monday, October 24, lunar calendar, chonghu (Bingyin) Shanan December 14, 2017 Thursday, October 27, lunar calendar Chong snake (already) Shaxi December 16, 2017 Saturday, October 29, lunar calendar Chong Yang (Xinwei) Shadong December 19, 2017 Tuesday, November 2, lunar calendar Chong dog (Jiashu) Shanan December 20, 2017 Wednesday, November 3, lunar calendar Chong pig (Yihai) Sha Dong December 23, 2017 lunar November 6 Saturday Chong Hu (Wuyin) Sha Nan December 26, 2017 lunar November 9 Tuesday Chong snake (Xinji) Sha Xi December 31, 2017 lunar November 14 Sunday Chong dog (BINGSHU) Sha Nan

December 5, 2017 lunar October 18 Tuesday Chong Monkey (Gengshen) Shabeiyi: sacrifice, pray, get engaged, accept, cut clothes, dismantle and decorate, start the ground, install the bed, move the incense, remove the clothes, bury the coffin, bury and thank the earth to the office meeting, relatives and friends enter the population, travel on the vertical column, open the meridians, open the trading voucher, accept the money and open the warehouse, avoid: make the stove, cure the disease, cut the wood and make the beam

on Wednesday, October 19, the lunar calendar, December 6, 2017, red chicken (Xinyou) shaxiyi: sacrifice and pray for blessings, engagement, pick up clothes, dismantle and decorate, start the ground, set up a bed, move an Xiang to be buried, move a coffin to be buried, thank the earth to go to the population meeting. Relatives and friends should avoid: making a stove to treat diseases


"On Monday, October 24, December 11, 2017, the lunar calendar, chonghu (Bingyin) shananyi: Wedding sacrifice, blessing, giving birth to a son, going out to lift the move, accepting livestock for burial, breaking soil, repairing graves and erecting steles. Taboo: cutting wood, making beams, moving soil, setting beds, breaking soil, planting and building bridges"


“ On Thursday, October 27, December 14, 2017 of the lunar calendar, chongshe (already) shaxiyi: move out, enter the population, decorate, start the ground, build the foundation, beam, anmen, build warehouses, fill the walls, plug the holes, build livestock, avoid habitat: marry, open the market, place a bed, plant and bury, pray for opening a light, dig a well and bury


December 16, 2017 lunar October 29 Saturday Chongyang (Xinwei) Shadongyi: engagement, picking and making vehicles, offering sacrifices, praying for blessings, travel, an Xiang decoration, moving the ground, opening the beam, opening the transaction, setting up a voucher, moving the house, relatives and friends, installing machinery, planting livestock, building houses, setting up foundations and beds, and making livestock habitat. Taboo: breaking the ground, burying, mourning and opening the grave


Chonggou (Jiashu) on Tuesday, November 2, the lunar calendar, December 19, 2017 Shananyi: Wedding crown hairpin sacrifice, blessing, birth, carving Kaiguang An Xiang, going out to school, decorating, building a house on the top beam of the vertical column, building a house, building a foundation, moving out of the fire, digging a well, making livestock, living and burying, breaking the earth, removing clothes and clothes. Taboo: Kaishi accepts mining, subscribing to an alliance, making a stove, building a temple, shipbuilding meridians


On Wednesday, November 3, December 20, 2017, the lunar calendar, Chong Zhu (Yi Hai) Sha Dongyi: get married, get engaged, accept the sacrifice, pray for blessings, have a son, have a vegetarian festival, an incense, go out on fire, decorate the foundation, build a house, build a ridge and an anmen, move the earth and beam, avoid moving: dig a well, break the earth, and bury


December 23, 2017 lunar November 6 Saturday Chong Hu (Wu Yin) Sha Nanyi: Na Cai is engaged to move, safety Machinery Association relatives and friends offer sacrifices, pray for blessings, open light, an incense, fire, remove medical treatment, acupuncture and moxibustion, build a house, build a foundation, decorate anmen shipbuilding, accept livestock, herd and move the coffin for burial, save earth, repair the grave and erect a monument. Avoid: marry, move the ground, build a bed, build a bridge and dig a well

December 26, 2017, Tuesday, November 9, the lunar calendar, chongshe (Xinji) shaxiyi: nacai engagement sacrifice, bathing, crowning and hairpin, tailoring and decoration, demolition, moving, anmen, opening warehouse, building embankment for toilet, planting Na livestock to fill the wall and plug the hole. Avoid: marriage, praying, opening light, digging wells, burying and mourning


"Chonggou (BINGSHU) shananyi on Sunday, November 14, the lunar calendar, December 31, 2017: plastic painting, Kaiguang engagement, taking off clothes, crowns and hairpins, dismantling, decorating and setting up a bed, moving out of the fire, burying and thanking the earth for duty, avoiding: digging wells, logging, fasting and sacrificing as stoves"


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