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[auspicious wedding day] is February 14, 2018 suitable for marriage

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Getting married on

Valentine's day seems to make all couples feel more meaningful, and it's a day for all couples. It's certainly easier to remember to get married on this day. Is February 14, 2018 suitable for marriage? Let's watch the auspicious wedding day together.

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Gregorian calendar: February 14, 2018, Wednesday, lunar calendar: Ding Younian, December 29, the main branch: Ding Younian, Jia Yinyue, Ding Chou RI, Xingxiu: Wei Su (Wei Yueyan) Fetal God Zhanfang: Peng zubaiji in the southwest outside the toilet of the warehouse: Ding will get sore if he doesn't shave his head, and he won't return home if he is ugly. Chong Sha: Chong Yang (Xinwei) Sha Dong 24 solar terms: the beginning of spring, February 4, rain, February 19, Julian day: 2458169.5 [appropriate]: haircut, hairpin, marriage and population [taboo]: purchase of property, logging, receiving livestock, making livestock thick Burial, earth breaking, beam making, Stove Making and grave opening auspicious gods should tend to: Mu Cang, Yang De, life and evil spirits should avoid: Monthly punishment, big time, big defeat, Xianchi, tianthief Festival: Gregorian calendar Festival: Valentine's Day


Q: is February 14, 2018 suitable for marriage? A: suitable for marriage


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