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[auspicious wedding day] is January 1, 2018 suitable for marriage

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New Year's day always makes people feel that this day is very good and the beginning of the new year. If you get married, it must be a good omen. Will January 1, 2018 New Year's day be a good wedding auspicious day? Let's look down. There is a good time, really can't miss it!

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Gregorian calendar: January 1, 2018 lunar calendar: Ding you year of the lunar calendar, November 15 main branch: Ding you year, Renzi month, Guiji Sun Star: Guixiu (guijinyang) fetal God Zhanfang: occupying the bed in the room, beipengzu Baiji: Gui doesn't talk about litigation, the weak enemy is strong, doesn't travel far, property is hidden, Chong Sha: Chong pig (Ding Hai) The 24 solar terms of Sadong: January 5 of the little cold, January 20 of the great cold, Julian day: 2458125.5 [appropriate]: marriage, opening up, seeking heirs, meeting relatives and friends, setting up a bed, herding, plastic painting, acupuncture [taboo]: entering a house, moving, firing, separation, incense, cooking, starting work, trading, voucher making, burial, earth breaking, logging. Auspicious gods should tend to: guarding the sun, witchcraft, Ford Liuyi, Jinkui and Jintang are evil and should be avoided: disgusting, swaggering, jiukong, jiukan, Jiujiao and Furi festivals: Gregorian festivals: New Year's Day


Q: is January 1, 2018 suitable for marriage a: suitable for marriage.

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