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[wedding day] how about getting married on the last day of 2018

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marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Of course, every detail should not be casual. Especially when choosing a day, we must choose a time suitable for marriage. Then, let's go to the wedding auspicious day to see if it's good to get married on the last day of 2018, but don't miss the time.


and 结婚吉日 also want to know what it means to ask for an heir?


Gregorian calendar: December 31, 2018, Monday: 1898, November 25, 2018, main branch: year of Wushu, jiaziyue, dingyouri Xingxiu: Xinxiu (Xinyue Fox) fetal God Zhanfang: beipengzu taboo in the warehouse gatehouse: Ding will get sore if he doesn't shave his head, youyou won't entertain guests, get drunk and sit crazy, rush Sha: Rush rabbit (Xinmao) Sha Dong 24 solar terms: heavy snow on December 7, winter solstice on December 22, Julian day: 2458489.5 [appropriate]: sacrifice, release, cure, break houses, broken walls, sweep houses [avoid]: don't take good luck in other things. Appropriate trends: Post horses, Queen of heaven, universal protection, release gods, eliminate gods. Evil spirits should be avoided: Yue Sha, great consumption, five departures, prison festivals: No


Q: how about getting married on the last day of 2018? A: suitable for marriage


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