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January 2018 is an auspicious day for moving

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moving is also called the joy of moving. It is indeed a happy event in people's life and often represents a new chapter in life. In China, traditionally, moving and other major events in personal or family life should be handled on a auspicious day. Just for a good omen, let the auspicious day of moving organize the auspicious day of January 2018 for you.

2018年一月搬家吉日 what do you like about moving and setting up a bed

there are seven auspicious days for moving in January 2018: January 4, 2018, November 18 of the lunar calendar, Thursday, chonghu (Gengyin) Shanan, January 6, 2018, November 20 of the lunar calendar, Saturday, Chonglong (Renchen) Shabei, January 8, 2018, On Monday, November 22, the lunar calendar, chongma (Jiawu) Shanan, January 12, 2018, on Friday, November 26, the lunar calendar, Chonggou (Wushu) Shanan, January 15, 2018, on Monday, November 29, the lunar calendar, chongniu (xinchou) Shaxi, January 22, 2018, on Monday, the sixth day of the lunar December, Chonghou (Wushen) Shabei, January 31, 2018, On Wednesday, December 15 of the lunar calendar, chongshe (Ding SI) Shaxi

on January 4, 2018, and on Thursday, November 18 of the lunar calendar, chonghu (Gengyin) Shanan [Yi] married, offered sacrifices and prayed for blessings, went out of the fire, demolished the ground, moved into the house, settled the bed, planted the upper beam, broke the ground, opened the drill and buried [taboo] On Saturday, January 6, 2018, November 20 of the lunar calendar, Chonglong (Renchen) Shabei [Yi] offered sacrifices and prayed for the heirs to go out on fire, dismantle and decorate, move into the house, move the upper beam, hang a plaque, open a pool for burial, break the ground, start drilling [avoid] marriage, make a stove and bed

on Monday, January 8, 2018, November 22 of the lunar calendar, chongma (Jiawu) Shanan [Yi] moved to offer sacrifices to Kaiguang and pray for blessings. The trip was lifted. The people were hired to settle the bed, the ground was raised, the beam gate was lifted [taboo] marriage, burial was broken down, and the ground was used as the funeral stove


of liangna animal husbandry "On Friday, November 26 of the lunar calendar, January 12, 2018, Chonggou (Wushu) Shanan [Yi] got married and prayed for his offspring to go out on fire, dismantle the ground beam, enter the population, move into the house and settle in the bed, start trading, put up a plaque for burial, break the ground and bury the drilling and removal clothes [avoid]"


“ On Monday, November 29 of the lunar calendar, January 15, 2018, Chong Niu (Xin Chou) Shaxi [Yi] car maker was engaged to offer sacrifices and pray for their offspring to move out, start fire, enter the house, set up coupons, trade, enter the house, install a bed, bury and thank the earth [avoid] open the house, build the house and use the earth as a stove to plant


On Monday, the sixth day of the twelfth lunar month, January 22, 2018, Chonghou (Wushen) Shabei [Yi] Sacrifice to Kaiguang, plastic painting, reward to God, fasting, engagement, marriage, tailoring, foundation, fire, demolition, move into the house, install incense, decorate the upper beam of the vertical column, accept livestock, feed and pray for heirs, remove logging, build houses, install gates [avoid] plant and bury


on January 31, 2018, December 15 of the lunar calendar, On Wednesday, Chong she (Ding SI) Shaxi [Yi] offered sacrifices to the earth. Shangliang engagement alliance engagement marriage safety machinery was disassembled and put into the house. An Xiang was buried in the coffin. A monument was erected to thank the earth. He went on a trip. He moved and prayed for the release of warehouse making and people entering [taboo] and opened up the shipment of


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