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Good or bad luck: query on good or bad luck on September 16, 2016

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Gregorian calendar: Friday, September 16, 2016 A.D. Virgo lunar calendar: August 16, 2016 (National Congress) ding youyue Xin Chou RI in the third year belongs to monkey Chong Sha: Chong Yang (b Wei) Shadong is suitable for today: start trading, LegCo, Finance Association, relatives and friends, open a haircut, move a coffin and bury, start drilling today's taboo: get married, make a fire, go into a house, move and put a bed, pray for good and bad luck on the beam: on September 16, 2016, good and bad luck inquired about


at [23-1] Chongmasha south, chongrenwu, liuwuliuhe, changshengjin, Guiyi: engagement, marriage, travel, asking for money, opening the market, trading and settling in the bed, avoid: pray for blessing and inheritance,


ugly time [1-3 points] When chongyangsha was in the East, chongguiwei built rosefinch on the day of chongguiwei. Taiyin should: repair and bury taboo: ship building and boat riding rosefinch must be made with Phoenix symbol, otherwise everything should not be


Yinshi [3-5 points] When chonghousha was in the north, chongjiashendi soldiers rib golden chamber should: pray for blessing and offspring, travel for wealth, marry and bury. Avoid: build


at Mao [5-7 o'clock] when chongjisha was in the west, chongyiyou tianthieves should be equal to Tiande Baoguang. Avoid: build cooking stoves: sacrifice and pray for blessing, fasting and worship to pay God

at [7-9:00] rush to the dog and Sha at the south, rush to BINGSHU white tiger land, empty Tang Fu, taiyangyi: see you, ask for money, marry into the population, migrate, bury and build in the house. Taboo: the white tiger must be made of Kirin, otherwise it is not suitable to offer sacrifices, pray for blessings, fasting, celebrate and go to work. It's time to travel


[9-11:00] Chong Zhusha East, Chong Dinghai Road, Kong Sanhe Fuxing Yutang, Yi: asking for an heir, engagement, marriage, wealth, opening the market, trading, setting up a bed, building a house, migration, taboo: offering sacrifices, praying for blessings, fasting, sacrificing, opening light, going to work, travel


noon [11-13:00] When Chong rat Sha is in the north, Chong Wuzi rib is in great progress. Greedy wolf should: pray for blessings and offspring, travel for wealth, marry and bury at his post. Avoid:

untimely [13-15:00] Chong Niu Sha is in the west, blunt his own ugliness and break the day. Avoid: when the day is against the time, it is not appropriate to

apply for time [15-17:00] When Chong Hu Sha was in the south, Chong Geng Yin, the heavenly soldier, the God of joy, ordered Zuo Fuyi: pray for blessings, ask for heirs, get engaged, marry, travel, ask for money, open the market, trade, set up a bed as a stove, sacrifice to go to see you, avoid: build a house on the upper beam and bury


Youshi [17-19:00] Chong rabbit Sha Dong, Chong Xinmao, three in one, Amnesty day, Lu wufuyi: pray for blessings, ask for heirs, get engaged, marry, travel, ask for money, open the market, trade, install beds, build houses, bury in office, avoid:

Xu Shi [19-21:00] Chonglongsha North time chongrenchen Liuwu Leibing Qinglong Wuqu Yi: engagement, marriage, bed, migration into the house, construction, burial and sacrifice taboo: pray for blessing and inheritance, take the ship


Haishi [21-23 points] When Chong Shesha came to the west, Chong GUI had retired from the post horse of the Ming hall. Yi: build a house, migrate, make a stove, set up a bed, enter the house, open the market, go to work, see you, ask for money, marry, avoid: build and bury


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