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How to celebrate the 10th anniversary of marriage is unforgettable. People look forward to every decade

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is the 10th anniversary of marriage. At this time, the relationship between husband and wife is just like glittering tin ware, which is solid and will not be broken. Therefore, the 10th anniversary of marriage is also called tin marriage. In such an important ten years of life, if you walk with your loved ones, how can you celebrate the tenth wedding anniversary? Let's have a look.

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"I. candlelight dinner the place of candlelight dinner is not necessarily luxurious, but it must be romantic, such as the place of engagement or other meaningful places. It's a cheap and comfortable choice at home. How sweet it is to cook a big dinner with two people. It's a busy scene in the kitchen with two people. In such a candlelight dinner, both parties prepare a little surprise for each other, not necessarily spending money, not necessarily a gift. For example, they secretly put out the words "iloveyou" with candles, or pour wine and light the budding roses that have been secretly frozen at this time. After dinner, two people watch the wedding video together and taste the beauty of love.


2. Sweet memories 1. Collect and sort out all the memorable things since the beginning of your love. For example, you can sort out and print out the love letters, e-mails and love diaries you wrote before, even if you only have QQ chat records. Make a booklet. You can also paste all the tickets, movie tickets, theater tickets, etc. you used to travel alone, and write the date and reason next to them. The whole booklet should preferably be arranged in chronological order.

2. Make a video of the things used on the wedding day or the things experienced by two people together. Whether it's an electronic version or a photo exhibition, all your sweet memories are in it. With a little thought, you can certainly move each other.


3. Take a trip at will. Under the pressure of time or financial resources, the short honeymoon always left regret in his heart. You might as well take advantage of the holiday, even if it's only a weekend, and take him to experience a unique alternative trip. Remember, this is a trip without reservation, set goals, or even travel guidelines! A trip full of charming private temptations, simple but memorable! Such a trip is very suitable for couples who have been married for ten years and can be released from the trivial pressure of daily life and work.

4. The idea of planting a love tree sounds a little rustic. But think carefully, how sweet it will be in your heart when you stand in the shade of the trees you have cultivated with your own hands many years later! Planting a sapling with your lover shows that you are confident that your marriage will continue to thrive like this tree. Trees, like marriage, will thrive after experiencing wind and rain. Just as trees need careful pruning and irrigation, marriage also needs to adapt to each other. In order to highlight the commemorative significance of this tree, you might as well take a picture in front of the tree on the wedding anniversary every year, and let the photos record your marriage and your love tree.

v. review the marriage oath. Why do you have to wait until the golden wedding to say "I do" to him again? Why wait until your face is full of wrinkles before you think of revisiting your marriage vows with your wife? Tell each other the persistence that has not changed in their hearts in the past ten years. This process can be complicated or simple. You can put on your dress again and take anniversary photos, or you can just say your vows to each other gently by your pillow. Of course, no matter what the form, booking a honeymoon suite can always make people feel quickly.

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