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What flowers do you send for your tenth wedding anniversary? Roses representing love cannot be few

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wedding anniversary is born to protect love and marriage. On such an important day of love, of course, there can be no flowers that can best express love. So what flowers should be sent as a souvenir when couples have gone through ten years of love hand in hand? Let's take a look now.

结婚十周年送什么花?代表爱的玫瑰不能少 what song do you like to sing on your wedding anniversary? Good

after ten years of marriage, are the days full of trivial and plain life? What flowers can make each other return to the heart when they first met, the sweetness and happiness when they got married, and recall the firmness of staying together for life? As a great opportunity for husband and wife to communicate and enhance their feelings, if we can give each other roses on the 10th wedding anniversary, we will be able to ditch the sweet memories of love and increase the feelings between husband and wife.

in ancient Greek mythology, rose integrates love and beauty. It is not only the embodiment of the God of beauty, but also dissolved into the blood of the God of love. It can be said that in the world, rose is a common language used to express love. Every Valentine's day, roses are worth more. They are pets between lovers and lovers. Roses are also "flowers of love". But all kinds of roses are different in color and quantity, and the meaning is also different. Now let's understand.


11 roses represent the most loved, only care about you and wholeheartedly. 12 roses represent the growing love for you. 21 roses represent sincere love. 33 roses represent the third life. 34 roses represent an oath of alliance. 40 roses represent love that will never change. 51 roses represent only you in my heart. 66 roses represent my love forever. 99 roses represent eternity. 100 roses represent 100% love and a good marriage for a hundred years. 101 roses represent favorite and endless love.

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