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Recommended date of caesarean section in September 2016

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-08 1 0

giving birth to a healthy baby is what expectant parents want most. Compared with others, health is particularly important. So, do you know when caesarean section is the best time for parents who plan to have children in September 2016? Today, let's go to the auspicious day to find out what day caesarean section is best for our baby.


on September 16, 2016, on the 16th day of August (lunar calendar), Virgo should: open light, pray for blessings, have children (caesarean section), fast dip, decorate, break the ground, receive money, build warehouses, make toilets, plant, herd sheep, meet relatives and friends. Avoid: make stoves, make fires, enter people, open canals, enter houses, migrate, sacrifice: flush sheep

on September 19, 2016, Monday, August 19, 2016 of the lunar calendar, Virgo should: marriage, picking, engagement, sacrifice, praying, having children (caesarean section) , Kaiguang, travel, fire, demolition, decoration, earth moving, population entering, moving, migration, bed setting, upper beam, ridge closing, water drainage, well digging, earth breaking, coffin moving, soil thanks, clothes removal, clothing taboo: market opening, warehouse opening, door setting, burial Chong: Chonggou

September 20, 2016 lunar calendar August 2016 (big) 20. On Tuesday, Virgo should: get married, pick, get engaged, offer sacrifices, pray for blessings, have children (caesarean section), open light, lift, enter the population, move, migrate, fire, set up a bed, open a business, trade, set up vouchers, hang a plaque, avoid: bury, feed animals, travel, funeral, log, plant, build temples, build bridges, rush: Rush pigs


"Tip: when choosing the auspicious day, please try to avoid the red sun and evil spirit of your zodiac."


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