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October 2016 caesarean section auspicious day recommended date

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as parents to be, are you nervous and excited? I can't wait to see this little life and see what a beautiful child TA is, but I'm nervous about whether the child is healthy. Can you make TA feel the beautiful world all the time? Go to the auspicious day with Xiaobian and see the auspicious day of caesarean section in October 2016. One day will be a good day for you to welcome your child.


October 2, 2016, the second day of September (the first day of the lunar calendar), Sunday, Libra should: open light, have children (caesarean section), carving, marriage, engagement, mining, fire, demolition, decoration, moving soil, foundation, beam, drainage, migration, moving, warehouse building, shipbuilding, opening, pond, livestock, animal husbandry Avoid hanging plaques: funeral, burial, longevity Mu Chong: Chong pig


October 6, 2016, the sixth day of September (lunar calendar), Thursday, Libra should: sacrifice, pray, have children (caesarean section), travel, bath, trade, sweep the house, teach cattle and horses. Avoid: breaking the ground, cooking, funeral, burial, grave repair Chong: Chong rabbit

on October 12, 2016, the twelfth day of September (the twelfth day of the lunar calendar, 2016, Libra should: get married, sacrifice, pray for blessings, have children (caesarean section), open light, travel, dismantle, decorate, break the ground, beam, set up a bed, accept livestock, mortuary, break the ground. Avoid: enter the house, migrate, dig a well, cut hair, log, trade, open the market, make a stove: flush the chicken


"on October 14, 2016, the 14th day of September (the 14th day of the lunar calendar), Libra should: sacrifice, have children (caesarean section), crown hairpin, enter the population, meet relatives and friends, anmen, set up a bed, meridians, accept wealth, herd, hunt, release water, cut honey, avoid: pray for blessings, fasting, accept harvest, subscribe, marry, enter the house and bury; Chong pig


on October 17, 2016, Monday, September 17, 2016 of the lunar calendar, Libra should: sacrifice, pray for blessings, have children (caesarean section), fasting, open light, travel, get married, seek medical treatment, treat diseases, move the ground, break the ground, enter school, lift the foundation, sweep the house, erect the column, beam, open the warehouse, deliver goods, buy property, plant, herd, open the grave, thank the earth Stele setting taboo: settle the gate, set the bed, cut clothes, enter the house and bury Chong: Chong Hu


October 24, 2016 lunar calendar, September 24, 2016. On Monday, Scorpio should: get married, accept mining, engage, sacrifice, pray for blessings, have children (caesarean section), fasting, open light, incense, fire, build temples, migrate, travel, move, build temples, build foundations Vertical column, upper beam, bed, livestock, capture, son-in-law, burial taboo: opening the market, breaking the ground, digging a well, Heshou muchong: Chong chicken

October 31, 2016, lunar new year, October (small) first day, Monday, Scorpio should: accept mining, engagement, marriage, sacrifice, pray for blessings, have children (caesarean section), purchase of property, seek medical treatment, medical treatment, opening Trading, voucher making, meeting relatives and friends, migration, vertical column, upper beam, house building, ridge closing, gate setting, water drainage, catching, livestock receiving. Taboo: building temples, shipbuilding, breaking the ground, burying Chong: Chong Long

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