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Recommended date of caesarean section in November 2016

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when you are pregnant, you will be full of infinite expectations for your little life in your stomach. You can't wait to see TA and listen to ta call "Dad" and "Mom". You want TA to come to this world healthy, safe and free from suffering. Therefore, having children on any auspicious day has also become a trouble for expectant mothers. Today, let's go to the auspicious day with Xiaobian to see which day is the best for caesarean section in November.


on November 5, 2016, on the first Saturday of October (small) in the lunar calendar, Scorpio should: sacrifice, pray for blessings, have children (caesarean section), fasting, build temples, fire, install machinery, meet relatives and friends, open business, trade, make vouchers, accept money, practice art, meridians, seek medical treatment, open ponds, make toilets, hunt, netting, planting Grazing, burial, earth breaking and saving taboos: Kaiguang, marriage, well digging, logging, Liang Chong: Chongji


on November 9, 2016, on Wednesday, the tenth day of October (primary) in the lunar calendar, 2016, Scorpio should: sacrifice, pray, have children (caesarean section), Kaiguang, lifting, logging, demolition, decoration, planting, livestock, burial, grave repair Stele setting taboo: marriage, entering the population, entering the house, migration, fire setting, travel Chong: Chong Niu

November 11, 2016 lunar calendar, October 12, 2016, Friday, Scorpio should: marriage, hairpin crown, sacrifice, blessing, giving birth (caesarean section), fasting, light opening, travel, lifting, ground breaking, business opening, trading, voucher setting, plaque Dismantling and breaking the ground: logging, beam, building, mortuary, barber, meeting relatives and friends, entering the house, setting the door, burial, zaochong: Chong rabbit

November 14, 2016, October 15, 2016, Monday, Scorpio should: accept mining, engagement, marriage, sacrifice, pray, have a baby (caesarean section), open light, travel, dissolution Enter the population, start business, set up vouchers, hang plaques, move, migrate, settle the gate, plant, move the ground, seek medical treatment, meet relatives and friends, raise the foundation, decorate, build houses and bury. Avoid: making stoves, meridians and bed Chong: Chong Ma


on November 23, 2016, on October 24 (small) of the lunar calendar, 2016, Sagittarius should: start business, receive money, travel Offering sacrifices, praying for blessings, having children (caesarean section), fasting, asking for names, going to school, starting a foundation, fixing a house, buying property, opening canals, digging wells, dismantling, planting, receiving livestock, herding, breaking the ground, opening and saving. Taboos: migration, entering houses, setting fire, mortuary, burial Chong: Red Rabbit


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