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Recommended date for caesarean section in December 2016

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is pregnant in October. No matter how much effort and sweat you have to pay to be a mother, you have no regrets. You believe that everything is worth as long as you see that little life. The baby called "mother", you are willing to do your best to ensure your health and safety. Today, I want to introduce the auspicious day of caesarean section in December 2016. Let's go to the auspicious day and hope your baby will always be healthy and safe.


on December 3, 2016, on the fifth and Saturday of the winter month (big day) of the lunar calendar, Sagittarius should: accept mining, engagement, sacrifice, pray for blessings, have children (caesarean section), fasting, open light, meet relatives and friends, cancel, enter a school, accept money, trade, make vouchers, meridians, start a foundation, break the ground, fix a bed, open a pond, plant, accept livestock, herd, break the ground Mortuary, Monument and burial taboos: marriage, opening of the market, entering the house, fire and migration Chong: Chong Niu


December 5, 2016 lunar calendar, the seventh day of the winter month (Lunar New Year), Monday, Sagittarius should: sacrifice, pray for blessings, have children (caesarean section), fasting, bathing, hairpin, travel, haircut, disassembly, lifting, foundation lifting, earth breaking, fixing On December 13, 2016, on the 15th day of the winter month (the 15th day of the lunar calendar, 2016), Sagittarius should: get married, wear hairpins, sacrifice, pray, have children (caesarean section), fasting Entering the population, meeting relatives and friends, logging, making beams, opening pillar holes, setting beds, digging wells, catching, hunting taboos: opening graves, breaking ground, mourning, burying Chong: Chong pig

December 16, 2016, the 18th day of the winter month (lunar calendar), Friday, Sagittarius should: get married, sacrifice, pray for blessings, have children (caesarean section), open light, travel, lift Move, migrate, accept livestock, mortuary, break the ground, repair graves and erect monuments. Avoid: logging, beam making, earth moving, bed setting, soil breaking, planting and bridge building. Chong: Chong Hu

December 18, 2016, the 20th day of the winter month (lunar calendar), 2016. On Sunday, Sagittarius should: accept mining, engagement, sacrifice, pray for blessings, have children (caesarean section), plastic painting, lifting, dismantling Decoration, earth breaking, vertical column, upper beam, gate setting, property purchase, pond opening, well digging, livestock receiving, bed setting, planting, livestock habitat making, earth breaking, coffin moving, monument erection taboo: marriage, market opening, fire, entering the population, mortuary, going to office, entering the house, migration, travel, burial Chong: Chonglong


December 24, 2016, the winter month (National Day) of 2016, On Saturday, Capricorn should: get married, wear hairpins, offer sacrifices, pray for blessings, have children (caesarean section), carve, open light, install incense, travel, go to school, decorate, break the ground, erect columns, top beams, build houses, raise foundations, set doors, fire, migrate, move, dig wells, make livestock habitat, bury, break the ground, remove clothes, become clothes. Avoid: open the market, accept mining, subscribe, make stoves, build temples, shipbuilding Meridians Chong: Chong dog


December 25, 2016 Chinese lunar calendar 2016, winter moon (big) 27th, Sunday, Capricorn should: marriage, engagement, picking, sacrifice, blessing, having children (caesarean section), fasting, incense, fire, decoration, foundation, house building, ridge closing, anmen, Andui, earth moving, Shangliang, migration and moving. Avoid: travel Digging wells, breaking ground, funeral, burial Chong: Chong pig

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