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Recommended date of the auspicious day of cesarean section in July 2016

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the date of a person's birth affects the fate of his life to a certain extent. We can't be careless. So many people want to choose the most auspicious time for caesarean section. Especially now there are fewer people in life, and they have higher requirements for the so-called quality. So, let's follow Xiaobian to see the collection of the auspicious day of broken abdomen in July 2016!

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"why do babies choose auspicious days for caesarean section? It has been said since ancient times that a man depends on the time of birth and a woman on the date of marriage. Lu MENGZHENG, the famous Minister of the Song Dynasty, also said: the sky is out of time, and the sun and moon are out of light; When the land is not available, the vegetation is not long; When the water is not, the wind and waves are uneven; When people don't have time, good luck doesn't work. Through the ages, people have summarized a theory of inferring a person's fate according to the date of birth, which is called four column eight character numerology.


can be inferred from the theory of eight character numerology. Although this theory is not 100% accurate, it is also inherited from generation to generation because of its high fulfillment rate.


means that a person's birth date affects his life destiny to a certain extent. We can't be careless. Therefore, many people hope to choose the most auspicious time for caesarean section, so that their mother can give birth smoothly, the baby is safe and healthy, the fate is smooth, and life is rich and glorious. From the perspective of numerology, choosing a good auspicious day and good time really helps the baby to balance yin and Yang, complete the five elements and maintain physical and mental health.

Caesarean section in 2016 is an auspicious day. July 1, 2016 lunar calendar May 27, 2016. Cancer should have a bare child (caesarean section) Travel crown hairpin marriage logging frame horse open column eye decoration migration move business transaction voucher travel an Xiang fire hanging plaque base decoration Kaisheng grave combined with longevity wood mortuary, remove clothes, move coffin and bury, avoid placing a bed and shipping money, make a stove, break the earth and flush the tiger


On July 8, 2016, the fifth day of June (the first day) of the lunar calendar, cancer should get married, accept the engagement sacrifice, pray for blessings and have children (caesarean section) Kaiguang goes out on fire, dismantles and renovates the land, enters the population, opens the business, signs a plaque, moves, resettles, plants for burial, breaks the ground, thanks the earth and buries, avoids digging wells and logging, accepts livestock, shoumu and chongchong chicken

July 10, 2016, June 2016 (lunar calendar) Cancer should get married on Sunday of the seventh day of the lunar new year. Na CAI should be engaged to offer sacrifices and pray for children (caesarean section). Na CAI should cut clothes, open hairpins and set up beds as beams, decorate the ground as stoves, build houses on the foundation, accept livestock breeding, avoid migration, planting, travel, funeral, break the ground and bury the words


On July 16, 2016, the 13th Saturday of June, 2016 of the lunar calendar, relatives and friends of inacai engagement club in cancer entered the school to pray for blessing and give birth to children (caesarean section) Kaiguang travel cancels the haircut, starts the foundation and starts the business transaction, establishes a voucher, takes money, makes warehouses, plants, livestock and herds, avoids marriage, makes a stove, goes out of the fire, buys property, marries and buries chongchong snake


on July 26, 2016, June (day) of the lunar calendar 2016 On Tuesday, 23rd, Leo Yi Na Cai opened a transaction, set up a voucher, go out to offer sacrifices and pray for the birth of a son (caesarean section), open the house, lift the foundation column, install a bed, migrate and open the warehouse, fill the wall, plug the cave, plant na livestock, feed livestock, avoid fasting, enter the house, settle at the gate, bury the earth, mourn the red rabbit

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