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Inquiry on the auspicious day of July 2018

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means moving into a new house, that is, the completion ceremony of the new house. In China, it is very important to move to a new house and choose a good day to enter the house. Whether entering the new house can get rid of bad luck, open an auspicious omen, and whether the family can be safe, harmonious and complete after living in the new house are people's good wishes on the auspicious day. Let's see what the auspicious days of entering the house in July 2018 are.

2018年七月入宅吉日查询 you may like the difference between moving and entering the house

there are 8 auspicious days for entering the house in July 2018:

July 1, 2018, May 18 of the lunar calendar, Sunday, Chong rat (E) Sha Bei, July 3, 2018, May 20 of the lunar calendar, Tuesday, Chong tiger (Geng Yin) Shanan, July 4, 2018, lunar may (small) 21, Wednesday, chongtu (Xinmao) Shadong, July 12, 2018, lunar may (small) 29, Thursday, Chongzhu (Jihai) Shadong, July 16, 2018, lunar June (small) Thursday, Monday, chongtu (guimao) Shadong, July 17, 2018, lunar June (small) Friday, Tuesday, Chonglong (Jiachen) Shabei July 21, 2018, the ninth day of June (small) of the lunar calendar, Saturday, Chonghou (Wushen) Shabei July 22, 2018, the tenth day of June (small) of the lunar calendar, Sunday, Chongji (Jiyou) Shaxi

July 1, 2018, the 18th day of may (small) of the lunar calendar, Chongshu (Wuzi) Shabei [Yi] Build graves, build houses, move into houses, get married and start litigation, sacrifice travel, crown hairpin, go to school, ask people to marry, open business, open market and migrate [avoid] Planting vegetarian festivals, praying for blessings, releasing water, receiving livestock, decorating, moving land to buy property, breaking the ground, building embankments to get engaged, proposing to ship, bury the upper beam vertical column, start drilling, lift the boat, accept mining and build


on Tuesday, July 3, 2018, May 20 of the lunar calendar, chonghu (Gengyin) Shanan [Yi] Get married, enter the house, set up a bed as a stove, open a drill, repair a grave, bury an engagement, recruit a son-in-law, travel, plant, ask for an heir, remove the vertical column, accept livestock, establish a voucher, herd, cut clothes, meridians, marry Na Cai [avoid] Building the roof beam, offering sacrifices, praying for blessings, decorating, breaking the ground, building embankments, releasing water, opening warehouses, seeking money, moving, receiving money, going to any job, building, opening, opening and opening


on July 4, 2018, on Wednesday, may 21 of the lunar calendar, chongtu (Xinmao) Shadong [Yi] Break the ground, open the drill, repair the grave, bury the engagement, get married, enter the house, ask for an heir, lift the beam on the vertical column to receive money, accept livestock, travel, start a lawsuit, ask for money, open the warehouse, paint on Pingzhi Road, marry Na CAI, open the business, open the market, migrate [avoid] decorate, break the ground, sacrifice, pray for blessings, plant, open channels, discharge water, and build embankments in meridians and collaterals

on Thursday, July 12, 2018, the 29th day of the fifth lunar month, Chongzhu (Jihai) Shadong [Yi] got engaged to get married, went to work for amnesty, built a house, decorated, moved into the house, offered sacrifices, prayed for blessings, went to school, paid money, planted, set up a voucher, went out, opened a warehouse, married, picked, repaired and migrated [avoid] Setting a bed, making a bed, moving a coffin, breaking the ground, opening a drill, burying acupuncture, lifting medical treatment, starting a business, opening a business

on July 16, 2018, Monday, the fourth day of June (small) of the lunar calendar, chongtu (guimao) Shadong [Yi] Marriage, entering the house, setting up a bed, opening a drill, repairing a grave, traveling, planting words, litigation, asking for inheritance, lifting the acceptance of livestock, fasting, grazing, tailoring, meridians, marriage [taboo] Offering sacrifices and praying for blessings, erecting beams, erecting columns, building doors, building houses for stove decoration, breaking ground, building embankments, discharging water, acupuncture, engagement, burial, funeral, starting to ask for money, moving to accept money, opening for construction, opening for business, migration


on July 17, 2018, the fifth day of June (small) of the lunar calendar, Tuesday, Chonglong (Jiachen) Shabei [Yi] getting engaged, getting married, praying for blessings, moving into the house, fasting, burying, accepting money, asking for heirs, asking for money on the upper beam of the vertical column, Pingzhi Daotu sacrificial ceremony, marrying, accepting, mining and migration [avoid] planting open canals, discharging water, decorating, moving land, buying property, breaking earth, building dikes, building houses, bridges, accepting livestock, opening warehouses, meridians and collaterals, building


"On July 21, 2018, Saturday, the ninth day of June (small) of the lunar calendar, Chonghou (Wushen) Shabei [Yi] Pray for marriage, accept wealth, enter the house, start cooking, offer sacrifices, get engaged, ask for heirs, decorate, start the earth, erect the column, plant the roof, break the ground, start drilling, get rid of clothes, celebrate fasting, set up vouchers, catch fishing, marry, accept mining, build and open the market [avoid] Setting up a bed, logging Shangliang, accepting livestock meridians, moving and burying, lifting medical treatment, taking a boat to migrate


on July 22, 2018, the tenth day of June (small) of the lunar calendar, Sunday, Chongji (Jiyou) Shaxi [Yi] Nacai treasure broke the ground, opened the drill, removed the clothes, buried, engaged, married, sacrificed, moved, decorated, built the house, moved the earth, erected the column, entered the house, went to school, tailoring, set up a voucher, asked for money, planted, bought property, asked for a doctor, married nacai, built and migrated [avoid] You may also like: good or bad luck in the lunar calendar of 2016: good or bad luck on September 1, 2016; good or bad luck on September 1, 2016; good or bad luck on September 2, 2016; good or bad luck on September 3, 2016 https://www.dailyq-a.com/Culture/16961.html

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