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Is it appropriate to get married on August 8, 2016

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marriage is very important for everyone, whether in choosing the object of marriage or the date of marriage. Because after all, this is a person's life event. We need to choose a good day for marriage, which is also our ancient tradition. So, is it appropriate to follow Xiaobian to get married on August 8, 2016?

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"August 8, 2016 lunar calendar: July (small) sixth day of 2016 main branch: Renshu day of bingshen year, bingshen month, Chongsha: Chonglong (Bingchen) Shabei [Yi] Marriage cooking stove planting, engagement, fasting, praying for inheritance, lifting the beam on the vertical column, accepting livestock and litigation, herding, tailoring, meridians and meridians, marrying and accepting [taboo] Moving into a house, setting up a bed, starting a trip, seeking money, decorating, breaking the ground, going to funeral, offering sacrifices, praying for blessings, moving the earth, building a dike, releasing water, taking a boat to build a house, building a house, opening a business, migrating


how to get married in 2016. The choice of year, month, day and hour of marriage is collectively referred to as "lucky choice", It means to choose a auspicious day. It is commonly used in eight character marriage. In numerology, the main elements of auspicious choice are as follows:


. The zodiac is the zodiac, for example, the person born in 1986 is a tiger and the person born in 1987 is a rabbit; In numerology, there are special words corresponding to the twelve zodiac signs. The twelve zodiac signs are divided into: harmony, health, grams, aggression, punishment, harm and so on. In choosing auspicious, the auspicious year is generally the year that coincides, grows or does not coincide with the zodiac of men and women, but never collides with each other.


solve God and choose good luck. This method is mainly applied to the places where the eight characters of men and women may have grams or differences, and the year is used to resolve the places where the two may have grams or conflicts. For example, both men and women belong to horses, which is called mutual punishment in the eight characters. At this time, choosing the year of the sheep to get married can be resolved, because the situation of mutual punishment is resolved by the combination of noon and noon.

stars are auspicious. Constellations refer to 28 constellations. We often hear that the zodiac underworld day is related to this. You can find it on the yi'anju Huangli website.


like to use God to choose good luck. Everyone has five elements that he likes or dislikes. When an eight character gets the benefit of an element of a certain attribute, it is called "happy God", otherwise it is "avoid God"; When choosing auspicious marriage, it is also a major factor to choose the elements that are conducive to the specific attributes of both men and women. The so-called elements are gold, wood, water, fire and earth.


are the most commonly used ways of choosing auspicious marriage. We find that there is no conflict with the definition of "widow's year". Therefore, from the perspective of choosing auspicious marriage, "widow year" has no obvious influencing factors.

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