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Inquiry on the auspicious day of giving birth to children in March 2018

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childbirth is a vital event for the pregnant woman herself and her family. The day of childbirth is not only a day when a family is about to usher in a new life, but also represents that the pregnant woman has opened a new chapter in her life as a mother. The older generation should carefully select good times and auspicious days when they have pregnant women at home, hoping that on this day, the production can be safe and smooth, the mother and child (daughter) are safe, and the children will have a smooth life in the future. Let's take a look at the auspicious days of giving birth in March 2018.


there are six auspicious days for giving birth to children in March 2018:

March 1, 2018, Thursday of the 14th lunar month, Chonggou (BINGSHU) Shanan, March 5, 2018, 18th lunar month, Monday, chonghu (Gengyin) Shanan, March 8, 2018, 21st lunar month, Thursday, chongshe (Guisi) Shaxi, March 20, 2018, Thursday of the second lunar month, chongshe (Yisi) Shaxi, March 22, 2018, Saturday and Thursday of the second lunar month, Chongyang (Ding Wei) Shadong, March 28, 2018, Wednesday of the twelfth lunar month, chongniu (Guichou) Shaxi

March 01, 2018, Thursday of the fourteenth lunar month, Chonggou (BINGSHU) Shananyi: settle the bed, settle the account, enter the house, ask the name, accept the adoption, ask the heir to sacrifice and open the warehouse. Taboo: make a kitchen for fasting Festival, settle the bed and bury


on Monday, March 5, 2018, the 18th day of the first lunar month, chonghu (Gengyin) Shananyi: marry Kaiguang, offer sacrifices, pray for blessings, ask the offspring to go out of the fire, enter the house, migrate, remove planting, cut down trees, break the earth, and bury them. Taboo: the opening transaction is to make a stove, install a bed, build a house, and build a shipbuilding


. On Thursday, March 8, 2018, the 21st day of the first lunar month, Chong snake (Guisi) Shaxiyi: offering sacrifices, praying for blessings, praying for heirs, fasting, bathing, lightening, hairdressing, removing meridians, curing diseases, erecting steles, planting grazing, digging wells and opening pools. Taboo: marrying DINGHE shoumu, burying and mourning


on March 20, 2018, the fourth day of the second lunar month, Tuesday, chongsnake (Yisi) Shaxiyi: Kaiguang asks for heirs to go out, pick crowns and hairpins, go out on fire, dismantle foundations, build earth beams, migrate and build ships, open the market, and trade coupons. Nacaiji: pray for marriage, burial and earth breaking

on March 22, 2018, Thursday, the sixth day of the second lunar month, Chongyang (Ding Wei) Sha Dongyi: Kaiguang prays for the heirs to go out, lift the logging, build the foundation, build the jiama'anmen, migrate into the house and build the temple, get rid of the clothes, move the coffin, give thanks to the soil and accept the livestock breeding taboo: accept the mining land to open the market and trade


in anmen, March 28, 2018, Wednesday, February 12 of the lunar calendar, Chong Niu (Guichou) Shaxiyi: pray for heirs to open light, paint, celebrate, subscribe, accept, marry, dismantle, put in a bed, move a coffin, repair a grave, bury, plant, remove the crown and hairpin, cut clothes, migrate, build a soil column, discharge water, start drilling and erect a monument. Avoid: go to


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