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October admission day for inquiry on the auspicious day of the zodiac in 2017

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enrollment originally meant that students entered school for the first time. Now it also generally refers to entering school for study. Whether for children who enter the classroom for the first time or those who continue to study and are about to enter a higher university, enrollment represents the beginning of a new stage of life. Therefore, traditionally, people should choose a auspicious day for this, so as to pray for a prosperous academic movement, smooth studies and bright future after enrollment. Let's learn about the auspicious day of October 2017 through the auspicious day of the zodiac in 2017.


there are 12 auspicious days for admission in October 2017:

October 1, 2017, August 12 (primary) of the lunar calendar, Sunday, chongtu (Yimao) Shadong, October 5, 2017, August 16 (primary) of the lunar calendar, Thursday, October 10, 2017 and August 21 (primary) of the lunar calendar, Tuesday, October 11, 2017, Chongshu (Jiazi) Shabei, August 22, 2017, Wednesday, chongniu (Yichou) Shaxi, October 12, 2017, August 23, 2014, Thursday, chonghu (Bingyin) Shanan, October 14, 2017, August 25, 2017, Saturday, Chonglong (Wuchen) Shabei, October 18, 2017, On Wednesday, August 29, 2017, Chonghou (Renshen) Shabei, October 22, 2017, the fourth day of the ninth lunar month, Sunday, Chongshu (c) Shabei, October 23, 2017, the fifth day of the ninth lunar month, Monday, chongniu (Ding Chou) Shaxi, October 24, 2017, the sixth day of the ninth lunar month, Tuesday, chonghu (Wuyin) Shanan, October 26, 2017, the eighth day of the ninth lunar month, Thursday, Chonglong (Gengchen) Shabei, October 30, 2017, the twelfth day of the ninth lunar month, Monday, Chonghou (Jiashen) Shabei

, October 01, 2017, the twelfth day of the eighth lunar month, Sunday, chongtu (Yimao) Shadong [Yi] Repair graves, enter houses, offer sacrifices, move houses, accept wealth, plant animals, open warehouses, travel, crown hairpins, go to school, ask people to migrate [avoid] land for property purchase and decoration, take a boat to break through the earth, build a dike, put water, get married, put in a bed, get engaged, pray for blessings, ask for heirs, ship the upper beam, vertical column, bury, start drilling, lift the funeral, marry, Na Cai, build


On Thursday, October 5, 2017, August 16 of the lunar calendar, Chongyang (Jiwei) Shadong [Yi] Pray for marriage, move into the house, start cooking, get engaged, recruit a husband, build a house, celebrate fasting, go to office, ask for offspring, plant livestock, go to school, sacrifice clothes, beg for wealth, crown hairpin, marry Na Cai, open business, open market and migrate [avoid] On Tuesday, October 10, 2017, August 21 of the lunar calendar, Chongshu (Jiazi) Shabei [Yi] Pray for marriage, move to work as a stove, break the ground, open a drill, sacrifice, pray for heirs, ask for money, get engaged, remove the vertical column, plant, go to school, dress, go out, buy property, seek medical treatment, marry, accept and migrate [avoid] The commencement of grave repair and burial made a voucher, accepted money, separated and settled in bed, felled wood, accepted livestock, renovated land, built houses, built bridges and embankments, opened the market


on October 11, 2017, Wednesday, August 22 (small) of the lunar calendar, chongniu (second clown) Shaxi [appropriate] [not for daily death] Accept wealth and treasure, get engaged, get married, recruit redundant Na's son-in-law, ask for an heir, settle down for a bed, seek medical treatment, sacrifice fasting, pray for blessings, move to office, remove the planting on the upper beam of the vertical column, catch admission, marry Na Caimin [avoid] [do not use for daily death] Start to travel for money, decorate, accept livestock, move land, buy property, break earth, build dikes, release water, open warehouses, open drills, repair graves, bury meridians, repair and build meridians and collaterals, and open the market


on October 12, 2017, Thursday, August 23 (small) of the lunar calendar, chonghu (Bingyin) Shanan [Yi] Marriage, decoration, travel, move to office, start drilling, repair graves, get engaged, recruit a burden, accept a son-in-law for sacrifice, ask for heirs, accept wealth, plant on the upper beam of the vertical column, set up coupons, amnesty, enter the house, build a house, open a warehouse, marry, accept mining, repair and migrate [avoid] Separated from each other, praying for blessings, releasing water, receiving livestock, acupuncture and moxibustion, lifting medical treatment and burial, breaking the ground and breaking the ground for wealth, opening the market


on October 14, 2017, on the 25th day of August (small) of the lunar calendar, Chonglong (Wuchen) Shabei [should] go to the sacrifice fasting Festival, go out to Guanji school and ask for people [avoid] Enter the house, settle the door, get married, move to the upper beam, bury the meridians, break the ground, go to funeral, acupuncture and moxibustion, start issuing vouchers, accept livestock, start drilling, get engaged, pray for inheritance, ship, ship, ship, ship, ship, get married, accept mining, repair and build, open for business, open for business, migration


October 18, 2017, lunar August (small) On Wednesday, Chonghou (Renshen) Shabei [Yi] prayed for marriage, moved into the house, worked as a stove, opened a drill, repaired a grave, dissolved litigation, engaged to decorate a school, sacrificed clothes, asked for offspring, asked for wealth, married Guanji, married nacai, built and migrated [taboo] Ci suigui Ning went out to settle the bed, started making the bed, made a voucher, received money, shipped goods, broke the ground, buried, sent out to seek medical treatment, opened the market

on October 22, 2017, the fourth day of the ninth lunar month, Sunday, Chong rat (c) Shabei [Yi] Marriage, decoration, travel, move to office, break the ground, open the drill, repair the grave, bury the betrothal, recruit Na's son-in-law, start erecting the column, accept the wealth, offer sacrifices, ask for heirs, lift the planting, enter the house, seek wealth, enter the school, tailor the clothes, set up a voucher, buy property, seek medical treatment, marry Na Caixiu, open the business, open the market and migrate [avoid] Settle down for logging, accept livestock fasting, pray for blessings, crown hairpin and build a house. The word lawsuit


was held on October 23, 2017, at the beginning of September (New Year) of the lunar calendar https://www.dailyq-a.com/Culture/17064.html

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