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Moving auspicious day will you move on April 4, 2018

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moving is always regarded as the joy of moving. Indeed, changing the place of residence means a new start in life. Moving is a big event. Traditionally, we should choose a good time and auspicious day. Well, let the old yellow calendar show you how to move on April 4, 2018. Let's make a good start.


on April 4, 2018, Wednesday, February 19, 2018, Chonghou (Gengshen) Shabei, xishen southwest, Fushen East and Caishen southwest. [appropriate] decoration starts, opening, bed setting, engagement, burial, opening, asking for an heir to take office, breaking the ground, building praying and sacrificial offerings, dismantling the engagement, opening the city, opening the wealth, opening the drilling clothes, removing the clothes, picking the crown, hairpin, meridians, setting up vouchers, plugging the holes, planting fasting rituals, recruiting the burden, building warehouses and dikes, Amnesty [taboo] According to the results of consulting the old yellow calendar, April 4, 2018 is February 19 of the lunar calendar, which is not suitable for moving, So today, friends who intend to move may choose another auspicious day.

auspicious days for moving in April 2018: April 1, 2018, February 16 of the lunar calendar, Sunday, chongshe (Dingsi) Shaxi, April 3, 2018, February 18 of the lunar calendar, Tuesday, Chongyang (Jiwei) Shadong, April 7, 2018, February 22 of the lunar calendar, Saturday, Chongzhu (Guihai) Chadong, April 14, 2018, lunar February 29, Saturday, chongma (Geng Wu) Shanan, April 18, 2018, the third and Wednesday of March (small) of the lunar calendar, Chonggou (Jiashu) Shanan, April 19, 2018, the fourth and Thursday of March (small) of the lunar calendar, Chongzhu (Yihai) Shadong, April 21, 2018, the sixth and Saturday of March (small) of the lunar calendar, Chongniu (Ding Chou) Shaxi, April 26, 2018, lunar March (small) 11, Thursday, chongma (Renwu) Shanan, April 28, 2018, lunar March (small) 13, Saturday, Chonghou (Jiashen) Shabei, April 30, 2018, lunar March (small) 15, Monday, Chonggou (BINGSHU) Shanan

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