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Moving auspicious day will you move on April 10, 2018

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moving is a happy thing. In ancient times, moving was regarded as a joy of moving. Change the living environment, life will have a new beginning, everything is full of new hope. So, let the old yellow calendar show you, is April 10, 2018 suitable for moving? Will you move on February 25, 2018?


on Tuesday, April 10, 2018, February 25, 2018, the lunar calendar, chonghu (Bingyin) Shanan, the God of happiness is in the south, the God of happiness is in the northwest, and the God of wealth is in the South. [appropriate] decorate the house, get married, set up a bed, get engaged, make a stove, ask for an heir, repair a grave, go to a post, break the ground, build a blessing and sacrifice, remove the bathing, accept livestock, start drilling, cut clothes, marry, accept crown hairpin, zhaijiao, ask for money, enter school and lawsuit [avoid] According to the results of consulting the old yellow calendar, April 10, 2018 is February 25, 2018, which is not suitable for moving, So today, friends who intend to move may choose another auspicious day.

the basic knowledge of moving. What should we do if we move frequently? Some families need to move frequently for some reason. For such families, it is best to avoid buying some large furniture and try to make use of the equipment provided by the landlord. It's best not to throw away the paper boxes used in moving for reuse next time. It's best not to book some long-term services, such as newspaper and milk, which can avoid a lot of trouble.

how to save moving time? To save moving time, first of all, make sufficient preparations, put all scattered things in boxes or packages, and break them into whole. Secondly, we can ask the moving company to send more people. Finally, we should reasonably arrange the time and itinerary to miss the traffic jam peak and traffic jam route. The best way to avoid the tedious move is to sell all the old furniture and unnecessary daily necessities and buy a new set of furniture in your new home. Although this practice is somewhat extravagant, it will give you a new feeling.

how to save moving expenses to save moving expenses, we must first choose a regular moving company. Do not find a moving company with small advertisements on the street to avoid being hacked. You can consult 2 ~ 3 companies in advance and choose a moving company with certain popularity or good reputation. Secondly, we should make preparations to avoid wasting time or money for our own reasons.


how to avoid the collision of articles, it is necessary to indicate to the personnel of the moving company which box or article belongs to the key protection, and if possible, add a clear target or prompt on the box; Some fragile items or valuables are best carried by yourself; Personally supervise the handling of large household appliances; Some heavy or bulky furniture (such as cabinets, pianos, etc.) should be handled by several more workers and directed by others; Fragile or pressure resistant articles shall be placed on the top, loaded last and unloaded first; The aisles of some old buildings are narrow and long, and they are often full of sundries. Be careful not to touch the things of the neighbors.

what to do when it rains? The most important thing to move is furniture. General furniture is made of wood, so in order to prevent rain during moving, it's best to prepare large plastic covers in advance. If not, you can buy them in the moving company, or from the moving company you find, and then wrap them with carpets. Generally, the moving company has carpets, so as to protect the furniture from rain, Cause unnecessary losses! It should be noted that in this weather, the moving company must use closed moving vehicles to move the goods directly to your home as far as possible. Many customers can't park directly at the door, so it's best to cover the goods before moving out of the car. Don't urge the moving master. The master is easy to fall and damage your goods.

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