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Wedding auspicious day will you get married on April 15, 2018

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marriage is a major event in life, a decision to take up the heavy responsibility of life, and a symbol of greeting happiness together. At such an important moment, it is natural to choose a beautiful day for the wedding. Well, let the old yellow calendar show you that will you get married on April 15, 2018?


on Sunday, April 15, 2018, February 30, 2018, the lunar calendar, Chongyang (Xinwei) Shadong, the God of joy is due south, the God of blessing is due east, and the God of wealth is southwest. [appropriate] marriage starts the ground for engagement, Shangliang asks for an heir to take office, prays for blessings and sacrifices, removes the capture of livestock, marries Na Cai, seeks medical treatment, erect columns, plants fasting rituals, and recruits Na son-in-law [taboo] According to the results of consulting the old yellow calendar, April 15, 2018 is February 30 of the lunar calendar, which is an auspicious day for marriage, Therefore, prospective newlyweds who intend to get married in 2018 can consider this day. Of course, the things to avoid on that day listed in the traditional yellow calendar are only one aspect for reference. Whether it is suitable to get married on April 15, 2018 depends on whether the eight characters and zodiac of both newlyweds collide with each other and each other's relatives, which requires the guidance of professional Feng Shui fortune tellers.

marriage procedure from the legal provisions of various countries in the world, the marriage procedure mainly consists of registration system, ceremony system and the combination of registration and ceremony system.


registration system means that marriage registration according to law is the only element of marriage. The parties who require marriage must apply to the marriage registration authority for marriage, accept the examination of the marriage registration authority, perform the registration procedures, and the marriage is established. He embodies the supervision and management of marriage by the state and the government. The registration system is a marriage procedure developed in modern times and adopted by many modern countries, such as China, Germany, Japan and Mexico. The ceremony system of


refers to the formal requirement of marriage. There are three ritual systems: religious ceremony, secular ceremony and legal ceremony.


religious ceremonies are wedding ceremonies held under the auspices of clergy according to the requirements of religious teachings, such as Spain, Greece and other countries; Secular ceremony is a marriage ceremony held under the auspices of the principal and witness according to folk customs, reflecting the cultural traditions of the nation and region; Legal ceremony is a marriage ceremony held under the auspices and participation of government officials in accordance with the law, such as Switzerland; Some countries also adopt the dual track system of legal ceremony and religious ceremony, and the parties can still choose one, which has legal effect, such as Britain, Denmark and other countries.


registration and ceremony combination system requires both marriage registration procedures and legal marriage ceremony. After the completion of the two procedures, the marriage is established. This marriage system makes the marriage procedure both strict and solemn, which can not only realize the state supervision, but also meet the grand and warm wishes of the parties to the marriage ceremony. France, Romania and other countries have adopted this system.


China adopts the registration system.

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