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Auspicious day for moving will you move on May 1, 2018

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moving and moving is not only a major event in life, but also a matter worthy of celebration. In ancient times, it was called "the joy of moving". It is natural to choose a good day for such an important day. Well, let the old yellow calendar show you, will you move on May 1, 2018 and March 16, 2018?


on Tuesday, May 1, 2018, March (small) 16 of the lunar calendar, Chongzhu (Dinghai) Shadong, the southeast of the God of happiness, the west of the God of blessing and the south of the God of wealth. [appropriate] decoration, marriage, commencement, business opening, ground breaking, travel, Shangliang opening, appointment, construction, blessing and sacrifice, lifting the opening of the market, herding, accepting wealth, accepting livestock, opening light, marrying, building houses, meridians, coupons, seeking medical treatment, planting, fasting, sacrificing and seeking wealth [taboo] moving into the house, getting engaged, burying, breaking the ground, accepting incense, moving and opening the warehouse

according to the results of consulting the old yellow calendar, May 1, 2018 is March 16 of the lunar calendar, which is not suitable for moving, so friends who intend to move today may choose another auspicious day.

the auspicious day for moving in May 2018, May 6, 2018, March 21 of the lunar calendar, Sunday, Chonglong (Renchen) On Tuesday, May 8, 2018, March (small) 23 of the lunar calendar, chongma (Jiawu) Shanan, May 12, 2018, Saturday, March (small) 27 of the lunar calendar, Chonggou (Wushu) Shanan, May 14, 2018, March (small) 29 of the lunar calendar, Monday, Chongshu (gengzi) Shabei, May 17, 2018, April (big) of the lunar calendar On Thursday, March 3, chongtu (guimao) Shadong, May 29, 2018, April 15 of the lunar calendar, Tuesday, chongtu (Yimao) Shadong, May 30, 2018, April 16 of the lunar calendar, Wednesday, Chonglong (Bingchen) Shabei

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