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Wedding auspicious day will you get married on May 3, 2018

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marriage is one of the most important things in one's life and the turning point of love to a new stage. At such a grand moment, it is natural to choose an appropriate and auspicious day to complete the wedding. Well, let the old yellow calendar show you that will you get married on May 3, 2018? How about getting married on March 18, 2018.


on Thursday, May 3, 2018, March (small) 18th of the lunar calendar, Chong Niu (self ugly) Shaxi, northwest of Xi Shen, Southeast of Fu Shen and northeast of CAI Shen. [appropriate] decorate the wedding, start the ground, get engaged, bury the upper beam, make a stove, ask for an heir, repair the grave, go to office, break the ground, build a blessing and sacrifice, lift the marriage of Na Cai, start drilling, marry Na Cai, dig a well, erect a vertical column, and paint Pingzhi Road [avoid] According to the results of consulting the old yellow calendar, May 3, 2018 is March 18 of the lunar calendar, which is an auspicious day for marriage. Therefore, prospective newlyweds who intend to marry in 2018 can consider this day, Of course, the things to avoid on the same day listed in the traditional old yellow calendar are only one aspect for reference. Whether it is suitable to get married on May 3, 2018 depends on whether the eight characters and zodiac of the new couple collide with each other and each other's relatives, which requires the guidance of professional Feng Shui fortune tellers.


western traditional wedding Keepsake items handed down by the mother in the western traditional wedding Keepsake include: the mother's wedding dress, the mother's headdress or the mother's jewelry, symbolizing everything beautiful after marriage.

a gift from a friend. In the western traditional wedding keepsake, a gift from a friend symbolizes a new life.

the bride's trinkets or bouquets. Western traditional wedding keepsakes include some trinkets or bouquets of the bride, symbolizing the purity and chastity of the bride.

diamond is a traditional western wedding token. Diamonds are considered to be crystals bred by heat and pressure. Diamond is the hardest material known to mankind. In ancient times, people did not have tools and techniques to cut diamonds. Therefore, diamonds have become a symbol of eternal love. The heat that breeds diamonds represents passionate love.

bread the traditional western wedding token was originally bread, and later evolved into cake. Since Roman times, cake has been an integral part of the Festival ceremony. At that time, people would break a loaf of bread on the bride's head at the end of the wedding. Wheat, the material for making bread, symbolizes fertility. Bread crumbs represent luck, and guests scramble to pick them up. According to the traditional custom of medieval times, the bride and groom kiss across the cake. Later, the imaginative Baker decorated the cake with icing, which became a modern wedding token cake.

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