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What are the days of sanniangsha in 2018

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several important things in our life include marriage. Marriage is the most important thing for our elders in our life. Two people in love hold a wedding ceremony on a auspicious day, but some days are not suitable for marriage, such as sanniangsha. In this issue of the old yellow calendar, let's take a look at the days of sanniangsha in 2018?


Q: what are the days of sanniangsha in 2018? A: it's said that because Yuelao doesn't lead the red line for "Sanniang", she can't get married all her life, she has a sense of revenge and resolutely opposes Yuelao, so she specially destroys the wedding of the new couple. Therefore, the day of "sanniangsha" every month, that is, the third day, the seventh day, the thirteenth day, the eighteenth day, the twenty second day and the twenty seventh day, are sanniangsha days. These days are not suitable for marriage. Sanniangsha is the day that people avoid when they choose a wedding day. Sanniangsha has six days a month, but the folk sanniangsha can be divided into true and false sanniangsha days: the third day of the ninth lunar month meets Geng Wu day, the seventh day meets Xinwei day, the thirteenth day meets Wushen day, the eighteenth day meets Jiyou day, the twenty second day meets Bingwu day, and the twenty seventh day meets Dingwei day, a total of six days, This probability will not be too high. False sanniangsha: the third, seventh, thirteenth, eighteenth, twenty second and twenty seventh day of each month. The origin of


sanniangsha cannot be studied. It is a folk passage that is widely spread, and the degree of credibility is not high. Paragraph: it is said that in ancient times, there was a woman named Sanniang who was beautiful and wanted to marry a desirable husband and stay together for life.


however, for some unknown reason, Sanniang offended Yuelao. Sanniang begged Yuelao six times to lead a red line for her, but Yuelao just refused to lead a red line for Sanniang, resulting in Sanniang's green hair turning white, still waiting for words in her boudoir, keeping an empty house alone and not getting married. Sanniang was very angry about this. She watched the flowers bloom and tie together. She was both jealous and jealous. She hated from jealousy. She decided to take revenge on these crazy men and women in the world. Anyone who married on the day when she asked for a month old would not be happy. She was destined to get together less and leave more, and her son's interest margin was thin. Many did not fulfill her wish. Therefore, the real Sanniang was a fierce day, and the people avoided it when choosing a day.


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