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Moving auspicious day will you move on May 29, 2018

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home is always the warmest harbor for us in times of difficulties. A comfortable house and a warm home can better live. Then this issue of the old yellow calendar will take you to know whether it is suitable to move on May 29, 2018? Will you move on April 15, 2018?


on Tuesday, May 29, 2018, April 15, 2018, chongtu (Yimao) Shadong. [appropriate] move and start business, get a marriage license, start engagement and burial, open a stove for heirs, repair graves, break the ground for blessing and sacrifice, open the market, accept wealth, cut clothes, marry Na Caimin, build a house, crown and hairpin vertical column, ask for wealth and enter school [avoid] According to the old yellow calendar, "moving" is one of the appropriate items on May 29, 2018, so friends who intend to move can consider this day.


but it should be noted that the things to avoid on that day listed in the traditional old yellow calendar are only one aspect for reference. Choosing a good auspicious day depends on whether the auspicious day conflicts with the family Zodiac. If so, it needs to be adjusted, which requires the guidance of a professional Feng Shui numerologist. In addition, on the basis of choosing a day, we should find out the specific appropriate time of the day and determine the appropriate moving time. Usually, the move should be completed before 3 p.m. and moving at night may affect the owner's luck.

Q: do you need to choose a day to move into a new house? A: you need to choose a day, especially moving into pots and pans and bedding such as pillows. The key points of choosing a auspicious day are summarized as follows: a. the day when moving into the new house should not conflict with the family's "Zodiac" and "rizhu" (the "Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches" of the Lunar birthday), especially with the owner's "rizhu". B. It is better to choose "Water Day" as far as possible and less "fire day". C. orientation of the new house: those facing east should not move on the day of Si, you and Chou (three alloys); Those facing the West should not move in the days of Hai, Mao and Wei (sanhemu); Those facing south move on the days of Shen, Zi and Chen (sanheshui); Those facing the North move their houses in Yin, noon and Xu (sanhehuo). D. if the owner's "Sun pillar" (the "heavenly stem and earth branch" of the Lunar birthday) is a Yang stem (such as a, C, e, G and ren), it is appropriate to choose "Yin time" (such as Chou, Mao, Si, Wei, you and Hai time) to move the house; For those who work in the shade (e.g. B, D, oneself, Xin and GUI), it is appropriate to choose the Yang time (e.g. Zi, Yin, Chen, afternoon, Shen and Xu time) to move the house as auspicious.

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